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Saturday, August 04, 2012

He Said Turn Around

I intended for the "Military Funeral" post to be my final post about my father's death ... not that I wouldn't find something to post about him, but the final post on his death, the days following, and his funeral.

Yet there was something that happened, that I forgot all about posting in the midst of all that has gone on lately.

It seems Lucas experienced his first 'sign' from my dad/involving my dad, before even I did.

When I left for FL on the Monday before my dad died, my mom drove from MD to SC to stay with Kayla and Lucas while Joe went to work ... and to wait for my inevitable phone call that it was time. There was no point in having the kids make another trip to FL to wait and hang around the hospice house when my dad was in the final stages.

My mom then drove to FL with Joe and the kids. My aunt, her sister, joined us in FL as she wanted to pay her respects as well.

The morning of the funeral Joe and I left a little earlier from the hotel. My mom, aunt, and the kids left several minutes after we did.

As they were getting in the van Lucas said that he was hearing voices in his head and he thought "Pepere is talking to me."

Despite Joe having set the GPS, and giving verbal directions, my mom somehow still didn't take the right exit. I'm not sure what happened with the GPS but it wasn't directing them to turn around or say which way to go (I think it must've just been on map showing where they were instead of on the location of where they needed to go.)

My mom was starting to wonder if she was going the right way.

Then Lucas said, very matter-of-fact, and with all seriousness: "Pepere said turn around."

That was it. It was like he was delivering a message and there wasn't any question about it. He didn't say he (Lucas) thought they were going the wrong way, it was just simply, "Pepere said turn around."

My mom and aunt started discussing where they were and if they were headed the right way when my aunt called me.

"You're going the wrong way, you need to turn around." I told her.

When my mom told me what Lucas said before they called me, it gave me chills.

They were a few minutes late to the service, but they probably would've missed the whole thing if they hadn't turned around when they did.

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Keep looking for the signs sweet friend. they will appear when we least expect them. Waiting on mine.

Funny, seems I begin a post, and I promise they aren't going to be filled with "downers" for everyone and then, I think , how can a post NOT have something to do with this beautiful person I have lost??

Just wrote one last night. She is always with me. 4 weeks today. So hard to believe.

Love form afar.

lovemy3 said...

That gave me chills, too!

Cindy said...

Amazing. I believe our loved ones are watching as well.

My mom died in 2005 and I still believe I receive 'signs' from her.