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Thursday, June 28, 2012


We had some absolutely beautiful sunsets at the resort. The sun usually set around 9:45 and the sky stayed pretty light for awhile after that. It was only dark for a few hours and then it it seemed to brighten up by 4am already.

I took so many photographs of the sun setting and can't pick out just one favorite!

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my family said...


Anonymous said...

you took some amazing photos!! and I can still see in my mind how much I enjoyed the sunsets when I was there !! I am so glad I went to denmark with you all.!! love mom

ckbrylliant said...

Wow, beautiful shots. I feel like I just took a mini vacation! Enjoying you pictures from the trip!

Melanie D. said...

Hi Michelle! Catching up here and really enjoying all of your vacation posts. I am a total sucker for sunset shots and have taken tons in our new house. I can't stop! :-) I hope you are having a good summer. Now that we have down-shifted a bit, I've been doing a little more blog reading.