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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Something Of His Own

Sometimes it feels like much of what we do as a family is centered around Kayla and special needs. Not to say that there aren't things we do that don't have anything to do with special needs, but a lot of what we do does. We go to Miracle League ballgames where Lucas sits on the sidelines, Buddy Walk, Family Connection Disability Walk and Festival, Special Needs day at the Lowcountry Children's Museum, Special Needs Night at Monkey Joes, Exceptional Family Member Program (on base) support group meetings and events, Easter party/Summer Picnic/Christmas Party with the local Down syndrome association, other annual get-togethers throughout the year with Family Connection, Rolly Pollies for the Special Olympics Young Athlete Program, respite care nights at local churches for kids w/special needs and their families, other various events or programs around town that have some connection to kids with special needs.

I'm glad that Lucas is growing up with this and being exposed to all kinds of differences and abilities and seeing that it's perfectly normal and acceptable. I think at a young age he's learning about acceptance and that it's ok to use a walker, or sign language, or wheelchair, or braces and etc.

However, there are times when I feel a little guilty being so immersed in the special needs community and feeling like Lucas doesn't have something of his own. He's only 4 so I know he's still young and there is still time for him to be involved in his own thing(s). He does go to a preschool program 2x a week, so that is all 'his.' But it's somewhere he goes on his own, not with us as a family because of something he's doing.

Just trying to find some balance in this thing called life with kids!

I finally signed us up to become members of the Y and in turn signed Lucas us for T-ball. He finally has something that is all about him. He has something that we'll go to as a family and cheer him on from the sidelines.  His first game was last weekend and I think he had a pretty good time!

 I think he's going to have fun with this!

As for me, I'm just glad that his foray into youth baseball doesn't have him sporting a Yankee uniform!

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lovemy3 said...

He looks so grown up! It's ironic...we have the opposite in our household. We have so much going on with the boys that we have to make sure we do enough for Hailey...I guess in time, we will all find our balance!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

SO CUTE! He looks like a professional ball player holding that bat.

Anonymous said...

It is never easy when you have more than one child in the family. You are doing a GREAT JOB.I would also venture to say ,Lucas seems to be having aFUN TIME!!!! :) and yes, it is "all" about him for a little space in time on a Saturday playing t-ball. Michelle you are so funny. well, I am glad Lucas's team is sporting an angels shirt,instead of a Yankees shirt. love mom. Yep Lucas looks like a pro baseball player with swinging the bat and wearing sunglasses. :)

Ms. Kathleen said...

Even with kids who don't have special needs they all need to find their own niche. For many years I'd be at Tara swim meets and Timoni's softball games and my husband would be sitting on another set of bleachers cheering on the boys in baseball... or vice versa. As they got older band, choir, drama, musicals,... I know it's not the same as for you but parenting at times is like walking a tightrope, trying to make it all work out just right. You are on the right path to be sure. And Lucas looks like one happy guy :)