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Friday, May 04, 2012

Hanging With The Minor League

The RiverDogs are a Class A Affiliate baseball team here in Charleston. One of their games last month was "Kids Night" and Kayla and Lucas had the opportunity to run out on the field with a starting player during the introductions. I thought they would have fun doing something like that so I had to put aside my feelings that this team is an affiliate for that New York baseball team. And no, I wouldn't be referring to the Mets! I wish I would have had the kids wearing their Red Sox hats!

The player Lucas ran out with was Dante Bichette, Jr. His father played for the Red Sox, so that was pretty cool! Kayla ran out with Cito Culver.

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Anonymous said...

what fun that must have been!! so how did you go about having the kids run out on the field with one eavh of the minor players!! :) love mom

nichole said...

So much fun! I grew up in RI and we would go to PawSox games when I was a kid. Those affiliate team games are so much fun, they are always doing something - giveaways, family nights, etc. Now I live close to the Texas Rangers ball park and while it's no Fenway, it's a really nice ball park.

nichole said...

And I meant to add - it looks like Lucas and Kayla had a blast out there!