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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do You Want Another Baby?

The other day Lucas and I walked by a couple who were changing their baby in the back of their van.

He asked me, "Mom, do you want to have another baby?"

I hesitated before answering him. Do I? I have to admit there are times I get 'baby envy' and miss those baby days. I miss the feel of a new life growing inside of me. I miss the days of a baby discovering their world.

But then I remember the seemingly endless nights requiring multiple feedings, nursing pads, diaper bags, dirty diapers etc etc etc. Pros and cons to everything.

I answered Lucas, "Umm...I think I'm pretty good with having you and Kayla. A boy and a girl. I don't think I need to have another baby."

Then I turned the tables on him, "Do YOU want me to have another baby?"

He enthusiastically said, "YEAH!"

I was a bit surprised by that and questioned him, "You do? You want there to be a baby in the house?"

He said, "Yeah! No wait. 2! 2 more babies."

Me, "Two?! Why do you want me to have TWO more babies?"

His reasoning was simple enough, "Because I have two pillows on my bed and Kayla has two pillows on her bed. And because we don't have enough friends."

He can be so sweet, but I don't think that was reason enough to convince me to have another baby! Sorry son, guess we're just going to have to make more friends. I'm not getting any younger and I think my days of having babies are over.

Although I do think he would make an awesome big brother!

Happy Mother's Day!

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lovemy3 said...

Ahh...how sweet! No more babies in our house either!

Paula said...

I think you shouldn't get him any more pillows! :-)

Mom24 said...

Jacob and Julianna still ask for a baby too. I think when kids feel the love they want to share the love. I know at my age my baby days are over, sometimes I do get a little wistful though.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

How beautiful and seemingly so simple to kids! cooper and pepper said the same thing so I had another baby and still Cooper asks for more! 3 is great but seriously nuts most of the time! ;) loved that Lucas found a hobby that is all his and I can relate wholeheartedly to that balance adventure!

Big brother, Little sister. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
my family said...

haha funny boy

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet!! He is always thinking! :)& the reason is, because of the pillows and they would have more friends... :) Love mom

MIL said...

You know I' still waiting on those twins LOL

Anonymous said...

I think lucas is right - you should have another baby! you make pretty babies ;)
<3 you! see you in a couple weeks!