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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conversations With Kayla

Joe was working on spelling with Kayla. He wrote one of the words correctly and then wrote it incorrectly and asked her which one was spelled wrong. She pointed to the incorrect one. He asked her "what is wrong with that one?" trying to get her to explain why it was wrong - what letter didn't belong or was out of place. She said, "It's not right." He asked, "Why isn't it right?" She said, "Because it's wrong." He asked, "But why is it wrong? What's wrong with it?" She said, "Because it's not right!"

I asked Kayla if she saw her teacher from last year. (She passes by her classroom everyday and usually pops her head in to say hi.) She told me, "Yeah!" Then I asked, "Did you peep your head in and say hi?" Kayla said, "Yeah! And I sat down." Me, "You sat down in Mrs C's room?" Kayla, "yeah!" Me, "Where did you sit down?" Kayla, "An empty spot."

I found out later that she never did go in that classroom to sit down, so I don't know why she told me that she did. Guess he's making up stories now. Either way, true or not - I loved her answer that she sat down in 'an empty spot.' As if she was saying - well isn't it obvious? Where else would I sit down!?

She came home with a little bruise on her eye and when I asked her what happened she said she got hit with a ball in PE. I asked her if she went to the nurse and she said yes. I asked if she got an ice pack and she said no that Nurse Aurdra said it was ok. There are times when we just don't know what the actual story is because she'll give us a different answer to the same questions 5 minutes later. So most times I'll ask her about something several times to see if she's consistent with her answers. On this day I asked her 3 or 4 more times about the bruise. I asked her again if she got an ice pack (because she likes to have one for the littlest of things so I was surprised she didn't get one for this.) She was obviously tired of answering my questions because she told me, "No! I told you!"

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the respnses Kayla gave you and Joe !!! way to smart!! I had to chuckle, because she was "so on" with her responses !!! :) love mom

Anonymous said...

She cracks me up! Giving the most Obvious answers ... Like duh mom & dad. Lol
<3 Kelly

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and it sounds like we are going to have lots in common! My daughter Cate is 6 years old and just finishing kindergarten. I've had that exact spelling work converstation with Cate, except it was about one of those "different picture" games.
Your daughter is beautiful! I'm so happy to find another blog for a kiddo the same age!