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Monday, April 09, 2012


Lucas has been going through a phase, or stage (please let it just be a stage!) where he is almost obsessed with having a 'sleepover with Kayla.'

I don't even remember how he first came across the idea of a sleepover, but once it took root, it really took root.

A few months ago Joe made a fort out of some large boxes and spread a bunch of blankets inside. This was in the loft area/play room and we let them finally have a 'sleepover.' And he did have one another time where he slept in Kayla's room. All seemed well after that.

Until recently. Lucas has become fixated on having a sleepover. Every single night when we're putting them to bed he starts asking for a 'sleepover with Kayla.' About 5 minutes after we go downstairs we hear his feet running across the hall. By the time one of us gets upstairs he's already climbed in to Kayla's bed. Then he cries these big sobbing cries that he just wants to sleep in Kayla's bed for a sleepover.

We've explained that sleepovers are for special occasions and it won't make it special if they have one all the time. Also, Kayla has to wake up early for school (5:45) and needs to have a good night's sleep.

The other night I was reading Llama Llama Red Pajama. There is a page where little Llama mentions being alone. Lucas pipes up, "I don't like to be alone and when I'm having a sleepover with Kayla I don't feel alone. But when I'm sleeping in my own bed I feel alone."

Nice try little man!

Actually he did get to have a sleepover one day last week since Kayla was on Spring Break. Hopefully that will tide him over for awhile!

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Paula said...

You know, I know that he needs to sleep on his own, but it's really sweet that he loves her so much. May it continue that way for many years to come... (okay, without the sleeping together!) :-)

Laura said...

I love how much they love each other!