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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conversation With Lucas

L: Are you 20?
M: (thinking, I wish! ha!) No, I'm a higher number than that.
(Lucas counting through the twenties...)
L: Are you 30?
M: Almost, but a little bit higher.
L: (counting... ) are you 36?
M: Add 2 more. 36...37..38.
L: That's a high number! (thanks kid!) How many is Dad?
M: 37.
L: Your number is higher! (Again, thanks kid!)
L: Is your head bigger than Dad's?
M: No! Dad has a bigger head.
L: Are you bigger than Dad?
M: No, he's taller than me.
L: How come? Your number is higher than his.
M: Because his bones grew longer than mine.

And next month Joe will finally join me in being the 'same number' ... for 2.5 months anyway.

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Mom24 said...

If it helps, I'd love to be 38 again. :)

Got my coupon today. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a conversation!! love it and love Lucas's thinking!! :) What he comes up with!! thanks for sharing.. love graymaw, mom

RK said...

Sounds so familiar. :o)

(And next month M will join me at 38 as well... those 5 months with the same "number" are his least favorite. Ha!)

AZ Chapman said...

the joy of little kids :)

Trace said...

Too cute! :)

Michelle Z said...

That's very funny -- Brian will be 37 this month, and I'll be 38 in June. He's taller than me, too! Ha :)

J said...

What an inquisitive boy Lucas is. I love this post. Thank you for sharing. Does Lucas ask his grandparents the same question?