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Monday, April 02, 2012

Annie's Organic Pizza Review & Giveaway

Contest is closed. Congrats to AubreyLaine, Kristen, and Mom24.

Since Kayla was diagnosed with Celiac disease I try to make most of our meals all gluten-free so I'm not cooking two different meals and using twice as many pots and pans. It usually works out for us and is just easier that way.

Except for pizza. Gluten-free pizza crust is small and wouldn't feed a family of four. Most seem to be a single serving size, so we would be buying a lot of crust - and if you buy gluten-free you know it is expensive!

So we still like to have pizza nights at least once a month. We just make Kayla her own pizza and the rest of us have 'regular' pizza. Thanks to Moms Meet we tried Annie's Certified Organic Rising Crust Pizza for our pizza night a few nights ago.

This was available for purchase at Whole Foods - which is about a 30 min drive for me - so I don't go there that often for grocery shopping. When you don't have one close by, and you need to buy gluten-free foods, this can be dangerous on your wallet! I had to resist the urge to pick up every gluten-free item I saw and stock up for Kayla :)

Kayla does eat some of Annie's Gluten Free Pasta and Snack products (and they are yummy!) and I'm so thankful for these options!

Even though their pizza isn't gluten-free I was looking forward to trying it. I picked out the Uncured Pepperoni Pizza.

The pizza was very tasty - it didn't have a frozen pizza taste to it, more like a fresh/homemade pizza. The flavors were just strong enough and complimented each other. The crust was nice, soft, and chewy. The 11.5 inch family size was enough to feed the 3 of us.

We enjoyed our pizza night as an impromptu picnic in the backyard.

Annie's Certified Organic Pizzas have no artificial colors or flavors, 100% real cheese made from milk that came from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST, pepperoni has no nitrates or nitrites added (only naturally occurring nitrates in sea salt and celery juice powder.

It is available in 4 flavors: Uncured Pepperoni, Supreme, Spinach & Mushroom, and Four Cheese (I would've tried the Spinach and Mushroom, but I don't care for mushrooms!)

I used this $2 off coupon to pick up another pizza to have on hand for our next pizza night; especially because I don't know the next time I'm going to venture out to Whole Foods!

I have 3 coupons for a free Annie's Certified Organic Rising Crust Pizza to give away to 3 winners (coupon is only redeemable at Whole Foods.)

To enter just leave a comment (making sure I have a way to contact you) saying if you've tried any of Annie's products before and what pizza flavor you would choose.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet SM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet SM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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Anonymous said...

good for you having a pizza in the backyard. now isn't that fun and memorable for the kids!! I don't have a whole foods close to me either :( but glad the pizza turned out delicious!! love memaw/grayma

AubreyLaine said...

I love Annie's Bunny Grahams :)
I would choose the 4 cheese.
family74014 at gmail dot com

5boysand1girlmake6.com said...

Your back yard is gorgeous! I love that your daughter is Gluten Free! So is Gracie and 2 of my boys. They are also dairy free so makes things more difficult! :) That pizza looks so yummy!

Kristen said...

We've had Annie's Mac and Cheese and Cheddar Bunnies. I'd try the Four Cheese Pizza.

Mom24 said...

My kids love Annie's mac and cheese, fruit snacks, Snack mix and granola bars. I'd love to try this!

Dee said...

I've tried their mac and cheese before and it was delicious. I'd love to try the four cheese pizza! :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Ashley R said...

I've tried lots of their different crackers before and always love them! I'm excited to try their pizza too. We're cheese lovers here!

Ashley Reynolds
reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com