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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Special Exposure Wednesday

5 Minutes for Special  Needs

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Becca said...

This is soooo cool!! Sammi's going to start Challenger Baseball in a couple of weeks. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, since she's never done any kind of organized sport/activity, but she's got a heck of a throwing arm, and I'm hoping she loves baseball as much as it looks like Kayla does!

SoCo mom said...

I love her in this photo! Look at that glee and determination on her face :D

We're doing the Wonder League next month. Can hardly wait.

Coley said...

Love that smile!

ML starts next week here and Noah is so excited!

Bailey's Leaf said...


Anonymous said...

what a pretty smile and pretty face baseball player!!is she having fun or what !! love memaw

Bonita said...

Love the joy and enthusiasm on her face!