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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will, We, or Wii

I got this message from Kayla's teacher last week.

"Today I was working on some sight words with Kayla.  We got to the word 'will'.  At first she said 'we'.  I gave her a funny look. So she said “I like to play Wii”."

 Ha! I can see how she would glance at the word 'will' and see 'Wii' instead!

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ckbrylliant said...

Cute and one smart cookie!

ckbrylliant said...

smart, observant, cookie!

Becca said...

Yep, we live in a tech-savvy time!! Too funny!

lovemy3 said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

funny. and Kayla is "right on" love memaw. she is what step ahead!!