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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Military Spouse of the Year

Jeremy Hilton was just recently named/voted the Air Force Spouse of the Year. Now the winners from the other branches of service (Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) are competing for the Military Spouse of the Year.

Besides being an Air Force spouse, Jeremy is a Navy veteran and father of two; one of whom has disabilities.

I'm asking you to please take a few moments to vote for Jeremy (you don't have to be military to vote - anyone can vote!) and here is why in his own words:

"I advocate for all military families impacted by a disability. I advocate to senior leadership in the Air Force and DoD, within the Congress and at the White House on a wide range of issues, including respite care, education and Medicaid issues. I worked with Congressional staffers on a concept to institute feedback from military families to DoD on exceptional family member issues. This was recently passed in the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act and established as the new Military Exceptional Family Member Panel. A current issue I’m working on is HR 2288, the “Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act.”

Jeremy has been instrumental in helping to bring changes to the military's Exceptional Family Member Program (for families with any type of special needs/disabilities).

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy and hearing him (and 2 other fathers) give a briefing on special needs to the Military Family Caucus. Military families like my own need someone like Jeremy to be an advocate in D.C.

Check out the rest of Jeremy's bio, and the video featuring military kids who have special needs (Kayla has a cameo!) and please vote! You do have to register but it is quick and easy, and again, you don't have to be military to vote!

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

he gets my vote!! amazing ,powerful heartwarming. love mom

Anonymous said...

<3 kelly

Anonymous said...

From another military spouse with a special needs child, he gets my vote too! Thank you Jeremy!