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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lucas-isms - Smiles in my Day

"? + 3 = 5? Ok Lucas we have to count to see how many it takes to get to 5. So we start from 3 and see how many more make 5. Three...now four...five. So how many do we need to make 5?" Lucas, "A full hand!"

"Lucas come on we've got to run to the commissary." Lucas, "You're not going to park there?" I was a little confused wondering what he meant, so I told him, "Yes I'm going to drive and park there." Then he said, "No you said we going to run there!"

Flipping through a magazine I saw a picture of blueberries and pointed them out to Lucas, "Look Lucas, your favorite- blueberries!" He responded in a hopeful voice, "Are they on sale?!"

I was eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucas asked me "Why do you have crackers in there?"

Joe and Lucas were driving back from lunch at Chick Fil A when Lucas said he wanted to go to Rita's. Joe told him they weren't going there because they just had ice cream at CFA. Lucas said, "I didn't say I wanted ice cream. I just said I wanted to go to Rita's!"

Kayla singing in the van and Lucas says, "too loud!" I said, "she's not that loud." Lucas, "but my ears and forehead are hurting."

Lucas and I were in Kayla's bed waiting for her to get ready for bed. I told him he wasn't sleeping in her bed though and he said, "why? I want to." Me, "No you each have your own beds, you need your own space to sleep." Lucas, "One time can you stay in my bed until I wake up?" Me, "no we all have to sleep in our beds so we have our own space." Lucas, "you and daddy don't have your own space."

"Mom someone said shut-up in Rolly Pollies." Me, "Again?" (Because he told me that on Tues). Lucas, "No I just wanted to say it twice." I'm trying to figure out if he wanted to say 'shut-up' twice or if he meant he just wanted to tell me twice.

His latest thing when he wants you to watch something he's doing; if you only give a short glance or he can tell you're not completely focused on watching him, he'll say, "Watch my whole self!" 

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lovemy3 said...

Love them! We have Ian-isms in our house. You can do much but crack up at most of them!

Anonymous said...

oh I am so glad I saw this post this morning. laughing really gets your day started!! that lucas !! always thinking!! love graymaw. :) :) :)Now I am going back to read again. ( I have a little more time before I have to get ready for work.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That kid is too funny!
<3 Kelly