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Friday, February 10, 2012

How Many Hands?

Yesterday I found a draft post I had completely forgotten about. It was perfect timing considering my speech and language differences post I just blogged about.

Kayla has a bad habit of taking more than enough paper towels when she uses the bathroom. She will grab one right after the other and just wad them in a ball and dab her hands; not even really drying them. I've been trying to get her to realize she doesn't need so many. 

One day Kayla had pulled 2 paper towels out of the dispenser when I stopped her from grabbing a 3rd. I asked her, "Kayla how many hands do you have?" fully expecting her to answer with "two" so I could say, "and you only need 2 paper towels."

However, she was one step ahead of me and caught me off guard when she answered, "Three!" 

I had to laugh at her answer as it was certainly not what I was expecting!

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Becca said...

Little sneak!! Hehehe That's a great way (in theory, if not in practice) to get that point across - I'll have to try it with Samantha. She's exactly the same way - she takes too many towels, and just pats her hands, not really drying them.

Anonymous said...

gotcha ya!! :) funny love meamaw

FBF Rothkopf said...

Ha! She's been psychically communicating with Sofia again. We've settled into a routine. Our first stop when we get to the day school is the potty. And each time, we have a negotiation about paper towel. Apparently, at one point, Daddy allowed her to have three towels. And no matter how much I point out that she only has two hands, she insists on three towels. Sigh.

Katie Driscoll said...

What sweet and beautiful family you have! I love the pics of your kiddos!!! I am glad I found your blog!