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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Crunchmaster Crackers (GF!) Review & Giveaway

Congrats to Cindy for winning the case of Crunchmaster crackers!

When Kayla was first diagnosed with Celiac disease I wondered what snacks she would be able to eat. I knew all her (then) current favorites would be out.

My first experience in going shopping for her at the local grocery store didn't turn out too well. There wasn't much of a selection and what there was didn't sound too appealing. Nevertheless I picked out some crackers that seemed like they would work; at least according to the very deceptive description on the packaging. Let's just say the whole package ended up in the trash. My mom and I both made a face at the first bite of the cracker which seemed like dry, seasoned cardboard. I still offered it to Kayla because, hey, her taste buds are different and she might like it! No such luck. She didn't care for them either.

Since then we have found a few brands of crackers that we rotate out but it isn't much of a selection ... and the ones we have been using don't seem to have any flavor variety.

A while ago I signed up with Moms Meet. Its an "...online resource that empowers moms to come together in an informal setting and talk about the latest on raising healthy families and living green." One of their opportunities is for Mom Ambassadors to sample the latest healthy, and/or green, products.

It was through this opportunity that I received Crunchmaster Multi-Grain crackers to review. These first thing about these crackers is they are certified gluten-free, all natural, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, and the Sea Salt is also vegan/dairy free.

I had seen them in the store but hadn't yet tried them; so this was a perfect opportunity to try them out and see if Kayla approved - then we could add them to our cracker selection.

We sampled the White Cheddar, Sea Salt, and Roasted Vegetable. The verdict? A big hit! These will now be among the rotating boxes of crackers we keep on hand for Kayla (and I imagine the rest of the family will be sharing in these as well!)

All of the crackers are sturdy, not crumbly (like a brand of crackers that Kayla likes, but is always broken up in the bag), and hold up well with dips. They also have just the right amount of flavor and variety to the crackers.

Kayla's favorite seemed to be the Sea Salt and White Cheddar. She didn't care too much for the Roasted Vegetable. I didn't care as much for the Sea Salt by itself, but really liked it with a dip such as salsa, hummus, or cheese. White Cheddar was my favorite. Joe's favorite was Roasted Vegetable. Lucas's favorite seemed to be the White Cheddar as well.

Crunchmaster has other products in their line as well including, but not limited to, Multi-Seed Crackers (in 4 varieties), Multi-Grain Crisps, and 7 Ancient Grains crackers.

You can follow them on Facebook and also save $1 on your purchase.

I have a case, yes a CASE, (12 full-size bags) of Crunchmaster Multi-Grain White Cheddar Crackers to give away (limited to US addresses only). Just leave a comment on this post (making sure I can contact you if you're the winner!) letting me know if you've ever tried Crunchmaster before, and what variety you like, or think you'd like.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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Amy & Emma said...

We haven't tried these yet, but I'm always looking for something new to add to our snack repertoire. And it's easier to buy something that someone you know has tried!

Amy & Emma

Amber McGuffin said...

My oldest was diagnosed with Celiac at 14 months, I am always looking for new foods to try! I would love to try these..

Mrs. Becca said...

Recently my husband and I have discovered that he is allergic to gluten. I'd love to try out any of the varieties you have on hand :) If I don't win, I'm still keeping my eyes peeled at the store for this snack - it sounds delicious!

- Becca

Sarah said...

I'd love to win these for our 6 year old neighbor. He really misses his fishy crackers now that he's gluten free. My email address is Sarah e cannon At gmail dot com. They all sound yummy!

Toni said...

I love multigrain anything, this would be great to win
tmarie56@hotmail.com Toni Allen

ckbrylliant said...

Thank you for the post and information. My Bridgie, almost 2 and also DS, has recently started having rashes associated with gluten. Going to try a strict elimination diet right after Christmas. She will also be tested for Celiacs at her 2 year appointment. Would love to try this. I will look for them locally and use the coupon too!

Jessica said...

We haven't tried these yet either. Count us in!!

Ronalee said...

I have not tried these, but I would love to try the Roasted Vegetable


Kathleen said...

I'll have to try these on my grandkids... Thanks!

coriwestphal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coriwestphal said...

I've never tried them, I've never heard of them! LOL But I think the 7 Ancient Grains crackers in Seas Salt sounds fantastic!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try the sea salt. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I've never tried these but the white cheddar sounds delicious!
anb1122 at live dot com

Anonymous said...

I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac's and would love to try these! Thank you for the great post!


Elaine said...

i haven't tried it but i'd love to!

Meryl said...

I love the Multi-seed!

Catherine said...

Haven't tried them would love to give it a go. Sounds yummy from your descriptions.