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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday

Kayla went back to school on Monday - first day of 2nd grade! She was so excited! She also lost her 5th (I think!) tooth that morning! She told me her tooth was loose but wouldn't let me touch, much less look at, it. I didn't think it was that loose as she often tells me she has a loose tooth when it has the smallest of wiggle to it. The next thing I know she pushes it out with her tongue and yelled, "My tooth fell out!" A very exciting day to start 2nd grade.

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Coley said...

That is an exciting way to start the 2nd grade! She looks adorable and so happy!

Beverly said...

sweet photo. wishing her a great year xoxo

The Henrys said...

She looks SO Excited!! Great picture!

Alison said...

I hope she had a great first day!

Anonymous said...

she looks so confident!! And excited about school and she so looks much older!! :) And , so very pretty!! love memaw

Anonymous said...

I hope the tooth fairy gave her a nice reward, :)

Mom24 said...

2nd grade and a lost tooth! That's quite a day. Hope she has a great year.