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Thursday, August 11, 2011

So I Don't Forget, Part IIII

Me, "Lucas don't mess with that." Lucas, "Why?" Me, "Because I already told you." Lucas, "Cause you told me 10 times?" Me, "Mmhhmm." Lucas, "You don't want to tell me 11 times?"

Lucas was watching out the window as our plane descended into Atlanta. Excitedly he shouted out, "Look! It's a whole city!"

Speeding down the runway in preparation for take off Kayla threw her arms up in the air and said, "Wheeee!"

I gave Kayla a lollipop for her and Lucas. She brought one to Lucas and he said, "Mommy did you give us a lollipop?" Me, "Yes." Lucas "Why?" Me, "Because." Lucas, "Cause you wanted to be nice?"

Instead of talking in the 3rd person, Lucas spells in the 3rd person. "Don't touch L-u-c-a-s plate. L-u-c-a-s is tired too. L-u-c-a-s went to VBS" Then he started spelling mine and Kayla's name when referring to us too. "I like going to that store and buying something all by myself. Not with K-a-y-l-a or M-o-M. When I get bigger I can go by myself."

Lucas is in my room while I'm getting dressed and he says, "What are those?" Me, "They're br*asts." Lucas, "For milk?" Me, "Umm...yeah." Lucas, continuing with the questions, "For drinking?" Me, "Well for little babies, no milk now. Ok go find something to do now."

Kayla finally inaugurated me into the "Embarrassing Things Your Child Says In Public" club by pointing to a lady's belly and saying "Is that you baby?" I'm pretty confident that lady was NOT pregnant.

The way Lucas says 'regot' instead of 'forgot.' Maybe it's because we say "remember." 'eetack(ing)" for "attack(ing)," and 'eedults' instead of 'adults.'

I was telling Kayla in 2 yrs she'll be "10 years old! A whole decade!" and she said, "Yay! Yay!" I said, "No, because that means I'll be 40!" She said, "Yay!" I said, "No! That means FOUR whole decades!" We were face-to-face so she put her hands on my face and said "Sorry!" in a giggling voice.

Joe was buying a bag of mini marshmallows when Lucas saw the regular size and said, "Wow! Are these for the bigger kids?!"

Lucas asked if we were all wearing our sandals and I said "Yes, except Daddy. He has to buy some." Lucas said, "Yeah, he has to buy his own cause he's a big boy."

Lucas stuck his foot up in Kayla's face and she said ewww and made a motion of waving her hand in front of her nose. He told her, "No Kayla, that's a sock. Socks don't stink. What's inside stinks."

Lucas has never really liked eggs and generally doesn't eat them when we do, he usually has oatmeal. The last time I made eggs, out of the blue, he said he wanted some. I verified that he was going to eat them and he kept saying yes that he liked eggs. I scrambled them w/cheese and ham. While eating it he told me he liked it. "When you make it with ham I like it. But when you don't make it with ham then I don't like it." Oh I see now, all this time it was about the ham!

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Becca said...

Sounds like Lucas is the ham!!! Thanks for the giggle this afternoon - what a character he is!

Anonymous said...

I love the "so I don't forget" stories.. I just laugh and laugh. :) they both (kayla and Lucas) are so darn cute, funny and adorable!! :) love memaw

Trace said...

This made me laugh! Your kiddos come out with the cutest things! :)