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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Red, White and Blue

After our trip to the Waterfront Park in Charleston we went home to rest and relax for a few hours. That evening we headed to Summerville for their annual Red, White, and Blue Festival. We met up with the same family we were with earlier, and also one of Kayla's friends from the Miracle League. The kids had such a great time.

They loved going down the big slides:

 I absolutely love this one of Kayla and her friend Maya:

Maya, Kayla, Emma, and Asher. 4 kids who don't yet realize they share a common bond of having an extra 21st chromosome:

It cracks me up that Emma and Asher are both in the stroller kicking back with one leg up by their heads!

Asher grabbing Kayla's nose...

So she grabbed his in return...

Asher was loving the attention from the girls:

The moms and kids:

Lucas and Hunter (who is a great big brother to Emma and Asher):
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Cindy said...

So fun! I love it when kids... with a common bond hang out together! And, I have a picture of Beth in her car seat with one leg up at her head. Hmmm, interesting.
Very cute! But interesting. :)

Junior said...

Beautiful pictures and looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes wishing I was a kid again!! what fun!! and no worries or concerns!! Yes, it is a beautiful world in the eyes of kids who do not judge , just accept each other as kids having fun and having a great time!! Glad you had a fun, fun time over the 4th of July weekend!! Love mom/memaw

nichole said...

Such fun pictures! It looks like everyone had such a good time.

Mom24 said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

The one with the babies in the same position is hysterical.