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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memory Recall

I wish I had the memory recall of my 3-yr old. I can't believe some of the things and details that he remembers.

Several months after we moved here I was helping Lucas get dressed one morning. Then I said, "Why am I getting you dressed? I know you can do this all by yourself!" (Because awhile before that I put clothes in Kayla's room for them to both get dressed and he came out fully dressed.) He said "Like I did 'last morning' in Kayla's room?" Yes that was what I was referring to.

I was relaying that particular conversation to Joe and Lucas overheard and said, "When I put the shirt on backwards?" I hadn't even mentioned that part, but yes, the day he got dressed in Kayla's room he did put his shirt on backwards.

I was talking to Lucas about something else he did and he mentioned, "When I had that blue shirt on?" Why yes, yes you did.

He listens when I'm telling Joe stories about something he said and will get more specific and describe something from the event like, "When I was in your bathroom I said that?" Yes, I was talking about that time in my bathroom, geesh!

Back in Feb I took Lucas for a speech eval. It seemed to me he was talking with a pretty pronounced lisp and I didn't know if that was typical developmental speech, or something we should be watching/working on. Since this was right around his 3rd birthday the evaluation was done at the nearest elementary school instead of through an early child development center.

This school just so happened to be the one Kayla woulda/shoulda attended since it is her home school. We were in that school twice - to register her for school and again for the initial IEP meeting. This was in Aug, 6 months previous to taking Lucas there for the eval. We hadn't been back there since. We walked in the front office and Lucas immediately turned to the right and looked on the side of the book case and then back at me and said, "Where'd it go?" I was pretty sure I knew what he was talking about, but to be sure I asked him, "Where did what go?" He said, "The table." There was a small kids' table there with coloring books. I couldn't believe he remembered that from being in that building 6 months before.

Back in April we went to the Miracle League field for "movie night." Unfortunately it was cancelled due to the threat of lightening. As we were driving away Lucas said something about not liking something. We figured out that he was talking about the movie night from 6 months ago. I think he said something about the train scared him. There was a train in the movie, but at the time he never said anything about not liking the movie, or being scared. I wondered if he really even remembered the movie he saw one time, 6 months ago. So I asked him what the movie was about. He said, "Baseball." Ok .. maybe that was a lucky guess because we were at the field where Kayla plays baseball. So I asked him what else it was about. I don't remember his exact description, but he said something about the boy trying to get the bat back. That his dad thought he took it, but he didn't. That pretty much is what Everyone's Hero is about. I couldn't believe the details he remembered about that movie.

We pass by a restaurant and he says, "We ate there last time with Pepere and Grandma Linda."

We were at an office building and a couple months later went back. Walking up to the front door he said, "Last time the men were mowing the grass." I asked him "Where?" He pointed over towards the side of the building and it jogged my memory that yes, there were men landscaping over there.

If only my memory were that good!

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Becca said...

Wow, he is GOOD!! My memory pretty much sucks. Samantha's is pretty good, and she surprises me all the time with what she remembers. I have a friend that just remembers *everything.* It's almost scary. I guess not everybody has it, but it sure sounds like Lucas does!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's so smart!
I wish Timmy had that sort of memory lol

Anonymous said...

I love hearing stories about Lucas and Kayla this was just amazing about Lucas and what he associated events with during those times and than draw back on those memories so many months prior!! gee did any of what I said make sense. anyway, memaw is impressed.. alsoI was impressed with kayla's logic a d solutions to her story line of the gator eating mommy and etc. !!!!