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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Birthday Girl

It was almost two weeks ago, but here are a few pictures of the then-birthday girl.

Getting ready to bring rice krispy treats to Rolly Pollies camp.

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Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, she's getting so tall! Hope her birthday was a fun one!

Beth said...

Happy {belated} Birthday, Kayla!!!! Hope it was a great day!!!

Junior said...

A Very Happy Birthday To You Kayla!!!!
Hope your day was perfect.

Amy L said...

She's such a precious little girl.:) Happy Birthday Kayla!

Anonymous said...

Yep she looks like she is 8 Years old NOW.!!!! sweet and precious. love memaw

stephanie said...

ya know you were one of the first ones I found out here when Em was born. I admit it was the eyes that got me. I remember calling everyone over to see this gorgeous little girl with the coolest eyes ever!

Now look at her!! She's gotten so big, still beautiful and still got those eyes!!!

Becca said...

Soooooo grown up! I know I said it before, but Happy Birthday (again), Kayla!!!

Bonita said...

She's so grown up looking! Looks like it was a fun birthday.

chelle said...

aww she has gotten so big! Hope she had a fabulous birthday!