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Saturday, June 25, 2011


WideAwake is a Dallas-based non-profit created with the vision of providing funds to small grassroots organizations around the world with demonstrated passion toward the poor and a high sense of stewardship. 100% of gifts donated are used to fund the project. Volunteers and private donors give of their time and money to allow for each donation to go directly to the project in need.

All of their Affiliates undergo an application and vetting process to ensure that they are ethically run and efficiently operated.

An example of one of the projects is the Yamini Foundation. This foundation seeks funding to provide a healthy meal a day to students who are in a school for the mentally handicapped. The lunch they receive at school is the only sustenance that many receive each day.

Baby Sign Language - a free community for sign language education - is having a giveaway to bring awareness to WideAwake. Through Jun 29th they will feature goodies from around the world as daily giveaways. If WideAwake reaches 1,100 Facebook likes there will be a grand prize giveaway valued at $600.

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1 comment:

Noah's Dad said...

Hey! I just came across your blog! Are you guys from Dallas? I saw that mentioned...we live here. My wife is a pediatrician at Children's Medical Center. Our son Noah was born with Down Syndrome on Dec 21, 2010. His extra chromosome was a total surprise. We do a daily one minute video every day to showcase to the world life with a child born with Down Syndrome is much more "normal" then "un-normal." Looking forward to learning more about your story.

-Rick (Noah's Dad)