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Monday, June 20, 2011

So I Don't Forget, Part III

Kayla was in a mood and didn't want to be bothered, but Lucas was trying to talk to her about if the moon was hiding. Kayla said, "I not talking to you." Lucas said, "No, "I'm" talking to YOU." and proceeded to ask her again if she thought the moon was hiding. I wish I could have recorded the tone of his voice. He didn't have an attitude, or was mean, or rude or anything. He was very literal about it. She might not be talking to him, but he let her know that was fine because he was talking to her. 

Lucas likes to say "sarcophagus" and "esophagus" but when I ask him if he can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" he says, "No, that's too many letters; I need you to help me."

We did this while my dad was here and he (my dad) said, "I can say 'it'" and Lucas said, "Try." So my dad says, "it" and Lucas looks at him and then says, "no it's a long word."  

The way Lucas pronounces "tomorrow" as "tomahyoh"and "asparagus" as "basparagus."

Every day when Kayla gets home from school she asks, "Where we going?" I usually say "no where." One day she kept asking and Lucas said, "No where!" Kayla responded, "YES where!"

The pool was closing and we were the last ones to get out of the pool. I told Kayla it was time to get out and she told me 'no.' I said, "Kayla it's time to get out. They are closing and no one else is here." She responded, "I here."

Lucas, about 15x to my aunt and uncle during the wedding reception, "Where's the crash/cwash?" They kept telling him they couldn't understand what he was asking. Finally he said, "It's like a garbage can!"

Looking over the menu at Bob Evan's Lucas points to his choice of dessert. I said, "I don't think we're getting ice cream this time." Very matter-of-factly, without missing a beat, he replied, "I think so."

We went out to eat for lunch and Lucas noticed a guy by himself. In a sad voice he said, "Aww that guy is all alone. He doesn't have any friends to meet him there." I was surprised at his empathy and hope he always has this caring heart!

Kayla and I came home from grocery shopping to find Lucas eating crackers. He was actually going to share some with Kayla, but before doing so he said, "Daddy, do these have wheat?" So sweet that he was thoughtful enough to ask that before giving any to Kayla. And yes, unfortunately they did.

Told Lucas not to put anything in his ear, that nothing goes in his ear when he said, "No, what's that letter thing?" That 'letter' thing ...haha! A Q-tip!

There are twin girls in Lucas's preschool class who love to chase him all around. Instead of referring to them as 'my two friends' he refers to them as 'my two girls.' As in, "I want to see my two girls today. I want to show my two girls this."

I tried on my bridesmaid dress and Kayla exclaimed, "Wow Mommy! You a princess! Stay there, I be right back, I get your crown and shoes!" She came back downstairs with her dress up crown, shoes, wand, and jewelery.

Lucas said he had a magazine and I told him that was actually a handbook. So he held it out to me and asked, "To hand to somebody?"

After Kayla ate quite a bit for dinner Joe asked her, "Geesh Kayla, didn't mommy feed you today?" Kayla said, "No." Joe, "No?" Kayla, "No, I feed myself." Well she is right about that, she does feed herself!

Lucas, looking at a baby pic of Kayla, "Who's that?" Me, "It's Kayla." Lucas, "Kayla was a boy?" Me, "No she was a girl." Lucas, staring at the pic, "But her hair was not long." No, she didn't have long hair at 4 months!

"Oh Lucas why are you coughing so much?" His response, in a sad, pitiful voice, "Cause I need (I was expecting to hear medicine!) candy. Chocolate muffin candy." (That would be mini Reece's PB Cups!)

"Kayla don't talk with food in your mouth." Kayla, "I singing!"
"Kayla, your fingers ..." (she was biting on a nail) Kayla, "It's not finger, that's a thumb!"
"Kayla go see mommy for some lotion." Kayla, "Not lotion, that's sunblock!"
When did she get so technical about everything?!

The day Kayla lost her 5th tooth I told her it was time to go upstairs and put pjs on she said, "Where's my dollar?" Me, "What dollar?" Kayla, "For my pillow." Guess she didn't want to wait for the tooth fairy!

Me, to the kids: "Guys, tomorrow we're going to see Cirque du Soleil!" Kayla, excited: "Chick Fil A!"

Lucas, "Now you jump over the rope!" Me, "and then you jump backwards over it?" Lucas, "Nooo! People can't jump backwards!" said as if I suggested some outrageous concept.

Half-way through eating his chocolate birthday pancake at IHOP, Lucas said, "This is making me tired. I want to save it to a box." Can't say I blame him; the pancake was as big as his plate.

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Anonymous said...

It's so great that you write these things down. They are precious! I hope you are printing them out, too. Do people even have "baby books" any more?

Anonymous said...

I laughed thru every one of "comments" both Lucas and Kayla made... they are so SMART!!! but, it comes out so funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today, and of course, it came on a good day... a day to laugh and unwind and forget the worries.. :) love mom/memaw Now I am going to read again.. :)

nichole said...

chocolate muffin candy - I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I really had to think about the garbage can one :)
Kids come out with the darndest things don't they?

Mom24 said...

Oh my gosh, those are so adorable!

(Don't you wish you could just have them put the $ under their pillows--it would eliminate needing to wait for them to go to sleep, or forgetting!)