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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Power of Friendship

Joshua O’Neill and Zeshan Tabani grew up in the same neighborhood in Ft Wayne, IN. Zeshan was inspired by Joshua’s drive to enrich himself with postsecondary education and in 2005, to honor is friend, the Joshua O'Neill and Zeshan Tabani Enrichment Fund was established.

Why was Zeshan so inspired by Joshua's drive for postsecondary education? Joshua has Down syndrome. He benefited from postsecondary education and now lives independently, with supports, has a part-time job, and leads a productive and happy life. 

Since more and more individuals with Down syndrome are being included in K-12 and graduating with their peers, the next step for many of them include postsecondary education or enrichment courses. Financial aid is rarely available. 

Zeshan wanted to help others with Down syndrome pursue their goals and dreams and who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to do so. 

Grants of up to $2000 are available by completing the application process.

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