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Friday, May 27, 2011

Families in Maryland

There is a precious little girl - Pauline - who has Down syndrome and is available for adoption through Reece's Rainbow.

She had several families submit their family profile to commit to her and all were rejected. Her region has come back with a strict set of requirements for her adoptions. They are making it almost impossible for her to find a family.

Someone who has adopted from her area recently has met her and said she is adorable, calm, and very observant - and needs a family NOW.

These are the requirements:

1. Only families in Maryland!
2. Need to already have a child with Down syndrome
3. Can't have more than 4 children.
4. Need to have a high income (preferably over 100k!) but that sounds negotiable; maybe?

Please help her find a family by spreading the word - the more people that hear about her the more chance she'll have that a family in MD will step forward for her.

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my family said...

oh this is heart breaking why would they choose only one state for the adoptive families?
I wish some of these orphanages werent so restrictive (not that they shouldnt have some stipulations on families) But that is outrageous
She is such a doll

Bailey's Leaf said...

Now that is a list of requirements. Geeze!

Praying that this cutie patootie finds a home lickety split.