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Monday, March 07, 2011

Remember Lera?

Last year I posted about Lera - an adorable girl on the Reece's Rainbow site. The 2nd family who had committed to adopt her was not able to continue with the adoption either. She was once again available to adopt - and once again at risk of being sent to an institution.

All of the pictures of the babies and kids on Reece's Rainbow tug at my heart strings. But sometimes you come across a picture of someone and for some reason that particular face makes you pause a little longer, pulls a little harder on those heart strings. This picture of Lera was like that for me.

I was so happy to hear a 3rd family had come forward to commit to adopt her. It's been a long process but they are finally getting close to travel to her country for their first visit with Lera. Then they'll have to travel a second time for the adoption and to take Lera home.

I just recently found out that although this family has committed to adopt Lera; and will hopefully be traveling soon for their first visit, that Lera has been transferred to an institution.

I look at the picture of this sweet, smiling, little girl and can't imagine what it must be like for her now. To go from the baby house - the only place she's ever known, to an institution. What a shock to the system that must be.

Her family is hoping to travel within the next few weeks for their first visit and they could use some prayers, and some financial assistance for this visit, and the second visit. Please pray for Lera and her family. And if you're able, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Lera's fund.

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Mom24 said...

That's just heart breaking Michelle! I hope things work out for all of them.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand how "she pulls on your heart", there is one named "Charity" who does it to mine. If only we could adopt her. I just want to take her home and say I am your mommy, and HE is your daddy.

Lacey said...

I swear Lera has been around forever!! I remember she lost her 3rd family right after we committed to Arina and I wanted to get her too. But then I found out she was in a totally different country, dang! I pray her family can come up with this money!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I so hope Lera gets to come home to them. Touches our heart!

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