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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Denied A Family

Recently the Davis family went to Eastern Europe to adopt Kirill. They had visited him once already and signed the papers stating they wanted to adopt him. They returned back to the states to await the court date so they could return and get the judge's permission to adopt him and take him back home to the U.S.

Their court date was March 17.

There was something a little different about this adoption.

No child with Down syndrome has ever been adopted out of this specific region before. Not only would Kirill be the first, but his adoption would be paving the way and opening doors for other children with Down syndrome to be adopted as well.

Two other families are in the process of trying to adopt from this same region as well.

All the experts in the courtroom were there in support of the family and confirmed the adoption would be a good thing.

They sat through 5 long hours of questioning from the judge.

And then the judge came back with her decision: Denied.

Kirill was denied a family. The reason given was he was not 'socially adaptable' given his 'medical condition' and he was better off in an institution than in a family.

They were told they could adopt another child from the orphanage, but not this boy.

I just can't understand it. Here was a family willing, able, and wanting to adopt Kirill, to give him a family, and someone decided he would be better off in an institution.

The Davis family has already started the process to appeal. Now they need prayers. Prayers for the decision to be reversed. Prayers for minds, hearts, and eyes to be opened. Prayers for Kirill to be allowed to go home with this family.

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! This is just incomprehensible. How could anyone deny a child a family that would love him.

ABandCsMom said...

This news made me cry. I heard about it soon after they were denied and I just can't imagine a child without a mama or a "Paul" :) aka; daddy.

I have a very ugly picture of that judge embedded into my brain. I just imagine she is stone faced, mean, ugly and just plain hateful. And I fear for all the other families that have to go before her.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

my jaw has dropped and I am speechless
I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad!! the judge should beforced to go to an institution and live without love and attention and have no family to care about him/her...!!! always mom

Mom24 said...

That just gives me the chills. Unimaginable.

Michelle said...

I posted about this the other day on my blog too. Unbelievable. You are right, prayer is the best thing we can all do right now. And I have no doubt that God can do a miracle on this precious child's behalf.