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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Teacher, A Dancer, Or ...

Sometimes I wonder what Kayla's future will be like. What she'll chose to study. What career path she might find herself working in. What goals or dreams she'll have.

I can picture Kayla in some type of position where she's working with children. She loves babies and little kids.
Last week I came across 2 articles about individuals with Down syndrome who are following their dreams and doing something they love.

I think this is one of the few headlines I've seen that puts the person first, instead of Down syndrome. Teacher Born With Down Syndrome Breaks Stereotypes. How nice to see that she is identified as a teacher who was born with Down syndrome, as opposed to reading "Down Syndrome Teacher." Bryann Burgess is an assistant teacher with Kindermusik classes (Kayla enjoyed these classes when we lived in NM.)

The media must be starting to catch on with "People First" language as this is another headline that identifies the her as a dancer with Down syndrome, instead of "Down Syndrome Dancer." Dancer With Down Syndrome Inspires on the Dance Floor. What a beautiful dancer Nicole Smith is ... wish I could dance!

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Not a Perfect Mom said...

I read those articles too! I just love seeing them, it makes my heart fill with hope and excitement for Brooke's future!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! the doors will open for Kayla in whatever she chooses and because of the people who stand behind her, with her and love her and stand firm with her in her education and dreams!! All things are possible... love mom/grandma

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I saw those articles too! I think Kennedy may be a teacher... or work with animals. Or you know, work on broadway! haha I'm not sure about Kellsey yet. We'll see. I love seeing the adults with Ds who are doing amazing things! :)