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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frisbee and Best Friends

Lucas has found a new hobby. He enjoys throwing the frisbee around - and he's getting pretty darn good at it too.

Then Lucas and Kayla talk about who their best friends are...which leads to Kayla telling me some about her school day. I have to ask 20 questions to get anything out of her :)

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Anonymous said...

How sweet -Kayla is Lucas's Best Friend!! :) and Lucas wanted Kayla to make sure He was her Best Friend!!! Love it...In school, tho , it is Keagan!! :) He has a good arm for throwing....a frisbee champ at the age of almost 3. Oh yes, Happy Birthday today to Lucas... Happy Birthday 3 year old!! Love memaw

Bailey's Leaf said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas! :)!!!

Glad to see that Kayla is loving school and all of her friends!