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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blast of Color Science Kit

Kayla's teacher told me Kayla is really enjoying the science lessons and different things they are learning about. For instance, last week Kayla walked in to the classroom, picked up a ball from her teacher's desk, held it up and said, "Look Ms C!" When she let it go Kayla said, "Gravity!" Whatever Ms C is doing is working!

Growing Tree Toys recently had a review opportunity and when I saw the Blast of Color Science Kit available to review I knew this would be a fun one for both Kayla and Lucas to experiment with...and it was! There are more than 15 experiments you can use with this kit, so it's definitely not a one-time use 'toy' and you're done with it. We did 4 of the experiments so far and the kids are looking forward to our next one of making colored snow (and I'm interested in making the colored crystals!).

This kit comes with everything you need to do the experiments ... you just need to add water!

Our first lessons were about combining colors to make other colors. We dissolved the tablets in water in the test tubes and watched them fizz, bubble and change the color of the water.

Then we saw what happened when we held the tubes up together and found out what other colors appeared. The kids also used the pipettes to put colored water in the mixing tray and watch it change color as well.

The experiment I thought was pretty neat was making "garbled marbles." They aren't hard glass marbles, but are squishy and bouncy and look just like marbles. Lucas had fun today counting and sorting them in the mixing cups.

 There are so many interesting and fun-looking Science Kits and Toys products that I'm having a hard time picking out what I want to do with the kids next! I'm leaning towards the Mind Blowing Science Kit. And then there is the whole section on Young Science Kits for Kids to chose from like My First Chemistry Set.

On the way to school this morning the kids were still talking about what colors are made when you mix two other colors; and while they don't get the answer right every single time, they are getting the concept that 2 colors mixed together make another color.

Thanks Growing Tree Toys for the review opportunity!

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Brandie said...

How neat! I can tell your kids oved it. I can't wait to check out their kits. Thanks

Steve and Eden said...

Michelle! How's it going? What a great kit! THis is just what i need to see! Olyvia is homeschooling and this will be something fun and educational for us to do!

Anonymous said...

What Fun!! Good for you Michelle in trying out a science kit and it does what it is suppose to do, make learning science Fun!! and interesting ! Kayla and Lucas are sure enjoying themselves!! :) love mom/grandma