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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love listening in to Kayla and Lucas when they are playing together and having grand conversations. The imaginations of little kids are endless. It cracks me up to hear what they have come up with, or what they talk about in the back of the van.

The other day at dinner they were talking about going to a new house with a new car and a new dragon. Everything was going to be blue (Lucas's proclaimed favorite color now). They also were insisting that only THEY were going to this new house.

"I going and Kayla going, but not you and not daddy. You going to stay here."

So I confirmed, "Oh just Lucas and Kayla are going to the new house? Not mommy and daddy?" Yep.

So then I asked, "Well who is going to put you to bed?"

Kayla raised her hand and said, "Me! And Lucas!" But Lucas was quick to correct her. "No Kayla. You going with me and you not going to be tired." Kayla laughed and said, "Oh yeah Lucas!"

They're a little young to be scheming to stay up all night aren't they?!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are writing this down..!!! I can just hear the conversation and see their little faces and being so serious and havig it all figured out!! I needed a good laugh, this morning...you gotta love them..!!Luv mom

Kelly said...

LOL.....nothing like a story from children with "whimsical" imaginations:) Love it!! I agree with "mom", isn't it wonderful that we have these journals to write everything down?!!

Thanks for sharing, Michelle:)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I can hear their conversation also! Children do have imaginations