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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Chance Meeting

Last night we went on base to attend the special needs support group meeting. This is for military families who have a family member with any type of special needs.

Last night was 'game night' with pizza and ice cream. I was in the kitchen area getting some ice cream for myself and the kids. I brought our bowls to our table and noticed a family across the room who had just arrived.

The first thing that caught my eye was the double stroller. Aww she's got a couple of babies I thought to myself. Then my mind instantly registered the baby sitting in the front part of the stroller had Down syndrome. Excitement! I hadn't known there was another military family with a child with Down syndrome here.

I leaned over to mumble to Joe, "Look she has a baby with Down syndrome" and as he was asking me what I said my brain registered that the second baby looked like she had Down syndrome too. "Twins! Look she has twins with Down syndrome!"

No sooner had I said that to Joe when the coordinator from the base's Special Needs office came over to us. I think I said something to her about twins and she said "no they aren't twins" and then told us they were adopted. Recently adopted. As in ... just arrived in the states a few weeks ago with them. Just adopted them from Ukraine!

 Down syndrome + adoption + Ukraine pretty much = Reece's Rainbow.

And that's exactly what Joe said, "Oh! From Reece's Rainbow?" The coordinator didn't know, but the mom heard us from across the room and said, "Yes, Reece's Rainbow!"

I had no idea there was a family in this area who had adopted through Reece's Rainbow; not that I can possibly follow all of the adoptions happening over there though!

It didn't take me but a few minutes to get over there and see those cuties and say hi to this family. How exciting it was to meet two precious kiddos who were adopted from a baby house/orphanage from Ukraine. Two babies with Down syndrome who now won't be faced with a life time spent in the mental institution where they would have been transferred upon turning 5.

Her husband is currently stationed in Italy and since they don't have the medical or therapy services at the base there the family will be moving stateside. She's in this area now with the kids staying with her family. He's back in Italy awaiting orders. They are hoping to be stationed here.

So the "twins" are boy/girl and 12 and 15 months. So adorable too! Plus their big brother (who is 6) and looks to be such a big help. I so enjoyed holding and loving on those cuties! Asher has such a cute smile and he loves to bounce. Bounce, bounce, bounce in my arms and grab at my face! These babies are so blessed to be given the gift of this forever family.

I sure hope to be seeing more of them!

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Bailey's Leaf said...

Funny how small the world is. She was probably delighted that someone knew of Reece's Rainbow.

What a great connection for both of you!

Grace said...

I can't wait to get our son who we found at the end of the Rainbow :)

Mom24 said...

How beautiful. It honestly gave me the chills to read about them. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. I'm glad you met them, I know you'll be a great resource for that mom.

Lacey said...

Oh wow, I'll have to go look them up and see who it is!

Anonymous said...

A night when you went out at the right time and the right place!!! I can just imagine how YOU felt and the bond/connection you now have with this family because I know how you feel about Reece's Rainbow and the sadness you feel for all the DS babies and children that are left behind. I hope this family gets stationed at Charleston AFB. You all can share in so much friendship, related stories and so much more... Love Mom

Monica said...

Wow, how cool is that?!?! How wonderful for you to meet them.

Tricia said...

soooo cool! :)

stephanie said...

Another happy story! awesome!!!