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Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm Down With You

"Since I was a young boy my parents and teachers told me to stop staring and look away. This is my homage to what I had missed."

- Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa

I'm Down With You is the first creative project to come from the foundation The Other Person Is You. It is a photographic and documentary journey within the Down syndrome community.

An excerpt from the website:
Our documentary shows us all something deep within our hearts through the presentation of this community of amazing people. With the gift of an extra chromosome, they are in fact not be "disabled" but "abled", they ability to love without hierarchy, have a strong self-esteem and to impact everyone they touch with an uplift found too rarely in our world these days.

A glimpse of the wonderful photos that are in the photo gallery can be found here. The book can be purchased here.

Here is a clip of the documentary:

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Becca said...

I am definitely looking forward to getting that book. He's a wonderful photographer, and the whole project is just so beautiful. The video made me cry. :-)

Mary said...

Love it! Can't wait for the end product!

Renee said...

What a lovely video! I am definitely going to have to get this book. Have a great Holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Like Becca, I cried.
I teach lifeskills to young adults with Downs and have THE best job in the world. Thr pure love that these children bring into the world is just amazing. I am one well loved lucky teacher to say the least!

Love your blog!