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Monday, August 30, 2010

Generation Cures (& a giveaway)

Generation Cures is a philanthropic movement of Children’s Hospital Boston founded in May 2008 It inspires kids to help cure other kids, through engagement on their own terms by way of Hospital fundraising programs, local fundraising activities and digital media – to care about others, to believe they can make a difference and to mobilize their families to help find cures for the world's most debilitating childhood diseases.

, which arrived in bookstores this spring, is an extension of an online animated series by the same name developed especially for Generation Cures. The book tells the story of friends who form a rock band. The tween garage band uses music to make a difference and encourages kids everywhere to change the world. Their first concert is a fundraiser for the hospital that treats their bandmate with leukemia. Zebrafish has already been endorsed by the Junior Library Guild and American Library Association for kids in middle grades.

You can find Generation Cures on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Thanks to Likeable Media, I have a copy of Zebrafish to give away. To enter just leave a comment on this post telling what your family does to raise caring, compassionate, and giving kids.

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