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Monday, July 12, 2010


We are finally all under one roof!

On Thur I drove out of MD by myself. The kids stayed with my mom to give us some time to unpack the house without little ones getting in the way. So thankful for my mom's willingness to do that for us!

My mom, and her sister, arrived on Sun with the kids. Thankfully we had most of the house unpacked by then. Still need to do those little things- hang things on the walls, and figure out where all those miscellaneous things are going to go, but for the most part we were ready for them!

The kids were so excited to see us and the 'new house' as we've been calling it. Their favorite part is the upstairs loft area - a whole playroom just for them! Toys and books they haven't seen for a year and a half! I wish I had thought to capture their reaction upon going upstairs, but I didn't. Both of them had wide eyes and lots of 'wow!' coming from their mouths! They didn't know what to play with first.

So we're all getting reacquainted with living under one roof and settling in to our 'new house' and new neighborhood.

And then we'll be heading to the NDSC Convention - can't wait to meet up with so many online friends!

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Nancy M. said...

So glad your mom was able to help y'all out like that! I just helped move my best friend from NC to SC and my little one was very hard to keep up with during the moving process! I'll bet Kayla and Lucas were very happy to see all their toys!

Felicity said...

It's so much fun to rediscover toys! I'm glad to hear you're all settled (almost), and hope you 'feel at home' soon.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Whew-whooo! :)

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to mention the alone time with your hubby?!:)

Amy said...

That's so exciting. I'm so glad you guys are finally whole again!

Sunny said...

So happy you guys are all back together again. Hope you can all adjust and get settled quickly. Have fun at the convention. Wish I could go this year.

my family said...

so happy you all are all together. have a great time at the conference

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

how fun/wonderful that you are all under one roof - i bet the kids will still be excited for a while about their loft/playroom!!!! have so much fun at the convention!!! can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it :)

Lacey said...


Christina said...

That is wonderful! Glad you made it!

Anonymous said...


oh...and p.s. when you come up to help me shop for a wedding dress (b/c duh - you're coming up - lol), you should totally bring kayla too. so she can help me shop. =)

<3 Kelly

Mom24 said...

I hope the adjustment goes very well. I know it's a big change for all of you--a good change, but still change. Congrats on your new home. I'd love to see pictures.

Have fun.

chelle said...

so excited for you and your family.