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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Potato Sack Jumping

I sure had fun attending Kayla's Field Day and seeing her participate in all the different stations...she had such a blast (it was rained out last year). Field Day was also a great way to practice a lot of gross motor skills! Although a number of stations were similar with catching/throwing skills pretty much all of them worked on balance and coordination. Which isn't one of Kayla's strong suits. But she was out there participating and doing what she could at each station.

When we got to the station with the potato sack and I watched the other kids just take off jumping down to the other line I admit I didn't think Kayla would be able to do this one very well. I thought she might need some help. To my knowledge she's never done this before so I didn't think she would 'get' how to hold the bag up and jump inside it while also propelling herself forward. I also didn't think she would have the balance and coordination to make it down to the other line.

Silly, silly me.
At one point I had to take Kayla inside the school for a bathroom break. As we walked in the doors another class was on their way out; I'm pretty sure they were 5th graders. As soon as this one girl saw Kayla she got a big smile on her face and held her arms open wide and said, "It's Kayla! Hey girl where's my hug?" Kayla ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

I know a few of the 5th graders from last year knew Kayla because they helped out with the adaptive PE class; so I figured maybe this girl knew Kayla that way too ... or just helping out in another way. So I asked her, "Do you work with Kayla?" Her answer? "No." I didn't get a chance to ask exactly how she knew Kayla well enough to be on a first name basis with her though, but I sure did wonder!

When Field Day was over and we were walking back to class there were other classes out at recess. Again, 2 girls (maybe 1st graders) just had to run up (It's Kayla!) and give Kayla a hug. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people in school know Kayla. Makes me smile each and every time it happens.

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nichole said...

Look at her go in that potato sack!

Christina said...

Woohooo Kayla!

Anonymous said...

Now, now, why did that surprise you? She is an amazing girl, get use to it, :)

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable. =)

<3 Kelly

PEA said...

She sure fooled you by knowing how to race in a sack! lol I don't think I could even do that without falling flat on my face. lol Loved seeing the video, she did greattttt:-) She's obviously well loved at her school by all the children and it's no wonder, she's such a darling. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well she's so darn cute and loveable with that big ole smile! Sometimes with Kayli we laugh because we think more people say hi to her than us when we walk through town!

Grandma said...

Just look at our girl!! She never ceases to amaze me and it seems she's quite the social butterfly too :-)