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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belly Burner Review and Giveaway

One of the benefits of breastfeeding you hear about is that it helps you lose the post-baby weight. I admit to being fortunate as this seemed to be the case after both of my pregnancies. Nursing did seem to help those pounds come off. However, once I stopped nursing the pounds slowly crept back on. I noticed it after several months with Kayla; and now with Lucas. He stopped nursing last summer around the time he was 18 months and I'm now feeling the difference in how my jeans fit me because the pounds have crept back on again.

I'm still a healthy weight for my height, so I don't necessarily need to lose pounds ... but I do need to exercise more in general - to tone up, get fit, for my health ... and it would be nice to lose some of the inches in the middle! Although after having kids it seems like that will never happen, doesn't it?!

Mama Buzz
was looking for reviewers to try out The Belly Burner and I was skeptical at first, but after reading more about it I was interested in giving it a try - what could it hurt?

The Belly Burner doesn't claim to make the inches come off just by the act of wearing it; they say it will help you burn those extra calories...but you have to get moving. You can wear it while doing any of your daily activities and exercises and also with the Blazing Abs DVD.

How does it help burn the extra calories? Its made out of neoprene fabric, which is used in wetsuits. This fabric generates more heat in your core, which increases the metabolic rate, which helps you burn off the inches. It can also be worn either under or over your clothes.

I haven't had the product long enough to notice any difference yet (I received the wrong size and had to wait for another one to be shipped) but I could tell that it does generate more heat and sweat! Speaking of - how easy is it to clean? Just rinse it under water and lay it out to dry; it only needs to be machine washed about once a month.

If you would like a chance to win The Belly Burner - which comes with the Blazing Abs DVD, Meal Planner, Exercise and Food Journal, and Calorie-Counter at a Glance - please leave a comment stating what feature you like best about The Belly Burner. Please also make sure I have a way to contact you if you're the winner.

Since I received the wrong size initially I now have an 'extra' one that I will give away as well - this is size Large.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by The Belly Burner for this review."

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MIL said...

Could you wearing while working out with Wii Fit??

MIL said...

Okay that post didn't come out right LOL I meant to ask. Could you wear it while working out with the Wii Fit??

stephanie said...

OH I gotta try to win this one! I was looking pretty good before I got pregnant with miss Em, but since she was born getting any weight off has been, crazy hard!!
Best feature... HA! The name!!!! And it looks small enough so I won't feel pregnant while I'm wearing it!!

To Love Endlessly said...

best feature: it comes with a whole plan so you can start off right!

Amy said...

I like that it looks like you can wear it without everyone noticing that you're wearing it!

Tausha said...

I like the neoprine fabric. So what I need!!! The belly fat is the worst!

Beth said...

I would like to try to win this!! Three babies have certainly not been very kind to my tummy!!! And it looks like it wouldn't make me look any pudgier when wearing it!

Alicia said...

Be very interested in trying....like the fact it is easy to clean... Thanks for the chance to win!

sohamolina said...

I like the fact that it increases your normal core temp to facilitate weight loss.


1955nurse said...

I've been searching for something to "kick-start" my exercise/wt loss program --- looks like this is it! Icould wear it under my scrubs @ work, then use the Dvd when I get home! I HAVE to get back into shape - I have a 2 1/2 yr old Grandson who wants me to run, play & jump (on his Trampoline!) and I'm not able to keep up - and now i have a Grandaughter, too! I realy need this in the worst way!!!!!


Jay said...
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