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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Specials Nominated for a Webby

A few months ago I posted about The Specials.

As a recap:
The Specials is an internet-broadcast docu-soap about 5 housemates in England. Sam, Hilly, Lucy, and Megan have Down syndrome and Lewis has Williams syndrome. 4 of them attend college and 1 works. It's a peek in to their lives following them as they go to school, work, out on the town (karaoke and dancing seem to be favorites!) and dealing with relationship issues.

The Specials are nominated in two categories for a Webby Award. What a wonderful achievement.

They are nominated for Reality and Documentary Series. What great exposure they would get by winning either of these categories. You can register to cast your vote.

Here is a short clip they put together of Season 1 so you can see what the show is all about:

Vote for The Specials! from KADA Films on Vimeo.

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Crittle said...

I love The Specials and Sam is totally my favorite.

jane said...

Thanks for letting us know Michelle. I love The Specials too. I love Lucy's honesty and openness.