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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Student Soars With Air Force JR ROTC

Great article about Jordan Testi, a high school senior with Down syndrome, who is a dedicated cadet with his school's Air Force JR ROTC program.

When talking about Jordan's success, his JR ROTC leader, MSgt Johnny Hillary said, "Jordan made it happen. Everyone has needs. I don't see him as different from anyone else."

"Everyone has needs."

Loved that quote. So true.

It's all about giving someone a chance; a chance to do something they want to do. A chance to try.

A chance to be successful.

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Tausha said...

Great article, thanks for sharing. He is so cute. I also love the first picture you posed of Big Blueberry Eyes, she is adorable!!

Mom24 said...

Isn't that wonderful? I think it's great that people and institutions have learned to look at people as people first and not prejudge abilities. At least some people have and more will.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Great story!!!

Sari said...

"Everyone has needs". :)

Two thumbs up on a story that I needed to read today.
Thank you so much!