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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Is Therapy

Life is Therapy - being outside on a nice day enjoying swinging! Swinging is a great sensory therapy tool - maintaining your balance and your body awareness of where you are in 'space.'

Looking at these pictures I almost forgot how little Kayla was back then :)

Visit Marie for more Life Is Therapy ideas.

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my family said...

what a sweet baby

Marie said...

VERY cute and therapeutic

Mom24 said...

What a fun look back. She was, and is, adorable.

Molly said...

Ahhhh she was such a little squeeze toy! What a tiny and sweet muffin!

Christina said...

OMGosh what an adorable big ole smile!

Shelley said...

and what a great life it is.

Nancy M. said...

That's so precious! I haven't seen her that little!

Lacey said...

I think swinging is great therapy. I swing with Jax a lot since he can't sit in a swing by himself.