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Sunday, March 07, 2010


A couple months ago I came across this organization in a magazine - KEEN - Kids Enjoy Exercise Now.

What caught my eye is their mission statement:

KEEN is a national, nonprofit volunteer-led organization that provides one-to-one recreational opportunities for children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities at no cost to their families and caregivers. KEEN's mission is to foster the self-esteem, confidence, skills and talents of its athletes through non-competitive activities, allowing young people facing even the most significant challenges to meet their individual goals.

Right now they only have locations in 8 cities, and although there is one in the Greater D.C. area, none of the locations are close enough for us to attend the events.

Hopefully there will be more locations across the U.S. in the next few years.

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Michelle said...

Thanks, Michelle! They have one here in Phoenix!

Jasmine said...

Thanks Michelle, they have one in New York, but it's two hours away from me. I was hoping for it to be closer - hopefully we'll get one by us soon. Thanks for the information.

Hoping all is well. Kayla and Lucas are so beautiful. God bless them.