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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrating Kayla

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. The date of 3/21 signifies the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome.

When Kayla was born I didn't know what to think, yes I was scared. The biggest scare is the unknown. I had no idea what to expect, what to think, what to feel, what to do, or what our lives would be like.

I had a lot of guilt over those first few days in the hospital. Guilt because her birth wasn't the happy, joyous, occasion it should have been. Guilt that I didn't celebrate her birth with enthusiasm.

But I took her home and held her tiny little body in my arms. She was my daughter and I was going to have to figure this out. The acceptance of her diagnosis didn't come right away; the acceptance of her as my daughter did though. I knew she was depending on me...and looking at her sweet little face what else could I do but fall in love with this little human being I created.

She is far from perfect, but who is? She challenges me and frustrates me, but so does her brother. She is not happy 24/7, but she does bring a smile to every one's face who meets her.

She is my daughter. She has Down syndrome. Today, I celebrate both.

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Erin said...


Beck said...

She is a beautiful, beautiful girl and seeing her and reading your blog has truly changed my heart about people with Down Syndrome. I'm so glad I've "met" her.

Bailey's Leaf said...

And we celebrate her, too!

Mom24 said...

Truly a beautiful and honest post. I think more and more people with DS will be celebrated in the future.

Sari said...

Love love your post. Thank you always for your honest thoughts. Today we too celebrate our Sam's birth- the in between was hard but the end result of him being with us=priceless!

Beverly said...

beautiful post! Happy WDSD!

teacher said...

Loved the video. The pictures were beautiful. Your birth story made me cry! Thanks so much for sharing!

Christina said...

And what a wonderful addition to the world she is!

Becca said...

Beautiful, Michelle. Yes, we created these beautiful, beautiful lives, and I'm so glad to celebrate them every single day. :-)