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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Years Ago

Two years ago Joe announced the birth of our son. Kayla became a big sister and we became a family of 4.

Looking back I realize I never wrote down Lucas's birth story! Of course I meant to do that - how did so much time pass?!

I labored at home pretty much all day with Kayla. When I called Joe at work to tell him to get home it still took him almost an hour to convince me to get off the floor and out to the car! By the time we arrived at the hospital and checked in I was completely dilated and Kayla was born 45 min later.

So throughout my pregnancy with Lucas we kept reading that second babies usually have a shorter labor and arrive faster...so Joe was determined that I wasn't going to wait as long to go to the hospital this time - he didn't want to deliver at home!

I liked arriving at the hospital being completely dilated and told I could start pushing right away! I didn't want to arrive and have to spend hours and hours there in labor - that was my one fear.

I woke up on the morning of the 23rd with some cramping and had a feeling 'today is finally the day.' Joe went in to work for half a day to take care of some things. When he got home the contractions seemed to have stopped so I told him to just go back to work, but he didn't want to take any chances so he stayed home.

A couple hours later the contractions started up again, some a lot more intense then I was expecting. I was glad he was home to get Kayla off the bus. We started timing them off and on but they weren't too close and not in a very consistent pattern yet.

The friends who were going to watch Kayla were out of town but expected to be back around 8pm; in the mean time I called another friend to have her on standby in case we were headed to the hospital before then.

I think Joe was getting a little antsy when the contractions started coming together, but I told him if we went to the hospital I didn't want to hear I was only dilated to a 4, or even 6.

Our friends arrived back home at 8 so Joe brought Kayla over there to get her settled and as soon as he got back we took off for the hospital.

We got all checked in to the room, vitals, IVs, stats, etc taken care of and then I was checked. When the nurse said I was a '6' Joe said he could just see my face fall. I was really hoping I was farther along! The nurse asked what my plans were for pain control and I said I really was going to try and get through with nothing. I didn't have a chance to use anything with Kayla and hoped I could do the same this time as well.

I did have really, really bad back pain with Lucas though. It was awful. I asked for some Motrin, as if that could really help! The nurse brought me Motrin and a heating pad.

I tried lying on my side and having Joe rub my back...I wanted him to put a lot of pressure on my lower back hoping it would counteract the pain of the contractions.

Finally I told the nurse I needed/wanted an epidural. I didn't think I could make it any more with the back pain. I remember feeling guilty asking for it because I wanted to be able to get through it naturally. I didn't realize an epidural wouldn't happen right away. She said I had to have 2 bags of fluid, they had to get my blood work back first and call the anesthesiologist with the results, and he had up to an hour to respond. I told her to go ahead and start the IV and get the ball rolling.

Then I kept complaining how very much I just huuuuuuurt! So she asked if I wanted to try Stadol first; I didn't want to go that route either, but finally relented when she said we could try just 1/2 a dose and that it would help take the edge off.

As soon as the Stadol went in I immediately felt very light-headed and drowsy. I thought this was going to be sweet relief and I could just go to sleep for awhile and not be bothered by the contractions. But no, the next contraction hit and it was still every bit as painful as before! So now I was drowsy and out of it and still having bad back pain, but couldn't focus on anything.

I don't remember how much time had passed but the monitor for Lucas's heart rate wasn't registering so she was trying to get that adjusted across my belly again. It wasn't working. Another nurse came in...talk about his heart rate...me trying not to freak out because I'm out of it with the Stadol but vaguely aware that something isn't right.

They want me to roll over to my back so they can check internally but after having 2 bags of IV in preparation for the epidural my bladder felt like it was about to burst. All I kept saying was "I have to pee! I can't move! It hurts!"

There were 3 nurses in the room now and I was fighting through the fuzziness in my head and finally rolled over so they could get a monitor internally and finally found his heart beat. It was a little low so I had to keep adjusting my position and then they gave me oxygen.

I thought the Stadol was wearing off and asked (begged) for more but was told it was too soon for anymore. In the middle of all this I kept telling Joe to "press harder on my back!"

I complained again that I had to "pee, now!" and was told after they broke my water I could go. (Some of the sequencing might be off...after 2 years I don't quite remember what order everything happened in!) but I remember responding, "You want me to just...go? Lay here and just pee?!" (oh the things you say when in labor and have Stadol in your system!) There is no dignity and privacy in labor!

I think I asked for the epidural again but when the nurse checked me I was at an 8 and she said I really didn't need it now...by the time he could get to the hospital I would be ready to push.

Then I did get that urge to push; a really strong urge to push. The nurse kept telling me "not yet, don't push yet!"

Oh it was so very hard to NOT push. I gripped the hand rails and twisted my hands back and forth trying to take my mind off the urge to push. I didn't think there would be any way I could NOT push. It was awful. I kept complaining again about how much it hurt.

Then it was finally time. I could start pushing. Oh man the loud, guttural sounds that came out of my mouth- I had no idea I could make noises like that! ha! It was a little harder to push Lucas out then it was Kayla.

Once his head was out Joe said he could see the cord was wrapped around his neck; the midwife slipped her fingers under the cord and was able to pull it around his head. I felt so exhausted to push anymore but the nurse sounded urgent when she told me to give another push 'because he needs some oxygen!' I remember he did look a little bluish too.

A lot of good the oxygen mask did me! That's out of it and hectic things got; I guess no one noticed it wasn't even over my nose anymore!

and wires were all over the place!

It felt like we were there for hours, but we arrived at 9 and Lucas was born at 1225. Not too bad...except for that back pain!

Reposting the video of Kayla meeting Lucas for the first time. She was so excited and enamoured with him!

And now Lucas is this 2 year old going on 12 years old! His favorite phrase is "I do it by self!" (Courtesy of listening to his big sister!) He loves following Kayla around and doing everything she does. I can't even count the number of words he knows...he repeats pretty much every thing we say. He and Kayla are going to get in to a lot of mischief together as they grow up!

Happy 2nd birthday Lucas!! We love you so much.

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! It's hard to believe he is 2 already.

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! Thanks for posting his birth story. I love reading other's stories. It's truly amazing what we do as women to get our little ones here.

Mom24 said...

Happy Birthday Lucas. I can't believe it's been two years. Crazy!

ABandCsMom said...

That video is precious!

the three amigos said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas!

I honestly cannot believe he is two years old! I remember like it was yesterday when you announced your pregnancy, Michelle!

Time flies!

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday, Lucas. Back labor for your poor mama! I can actually FEEL that pain, which I went through with my first!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Readying that, I feel like I just watch Baby Story! Beautiful!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love labor stories, I'm amazed that we keep having babies after labor!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!! I agree with everyone else. How is he 2 years old already?? It seems like just yesterday he was born.

Chris said...

Back labor is the worst!!!

But so worth it--when they put that beautiful in your arms!

Happy Birthday Lucas!

So, getting the itch for baby #3--it can hit right around baby #2's second birthday :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

Happy 2nd birthday Lucas! I could just feel your back pain as you were describing it... glad you survived :) Kayla is just so sweet with him in the video - i love when she said "night night" at the end!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!! I AM BESIDE myself, I cannot believe he is two!! I've really bees gone awhile. lol! Have a fabulous time together!

heidi marie said...

happy birthday lucas!!!

and yes modesty and diginity go out the window when you are giving birth. if it wasn't full the whirlwind of emotions and chaos...i probably would have been utterly mortified. lol.

i loved the video! i'm very curious to know what henry is going to think of the new baby when it comes!

Nancy M. said...

What a great story! When you're having a baby, you have to throw all modesty out the window.

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes wonderful story, happy birthday Lucas!

Beck said...

I cannot BELIEVE he's 2! Happy birthday to your big boy and I hope he ENJOYS his day!

PEA said...

Wasn't he just born the other day??? My goodness, how time flies! Happy 2nd Birthday to darling Lucas, I've so loved watching him and Kayla grow through your blog:-) xoxo

Jasmine said...

Michelle, I can't believe he's two already.

Happy Birthday, Lucas. xox

Windmills and Tulips

Ms. Kathleen said...

Wow! Time has really flown! I can't believe he is two! And as precious as can be!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! Your birth story is SO similar to mine with Alex! I was gonna go natural but had the horrible back labor...when I asked for an epidural they only had one anesthesiologist and he was in surgery...they gave me Stadol and I was so out of it but the contractions still hurt so bad...OMG so crazy! But we both got darling little boys out of it!

fiftyodd said...

Your children look so beautiful and it is so noticeable that your little girl is growing up so naturally and normally. I just heard today the 'new' name for Downs (how the doctors like to confuse us!) and I had a look at your blog because I have just seen the film; "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". Luckily, times have changed so much.

Marie said...

Wow! Great job Mom!

Terri said...

2 already? Time for #3!!! LOL

YaYa's Funhouse said...

This is my first visit. Enjoyed reading your story. Lucas is adorable and Kayla is SO cute. I am sure she has enjoyed him. I have 14 mos old twin grandbabies. They are quite exciting and never a dull moment as I am sure yours in the same. Check them out sometime on my blog.
I'll be back to visit again.

Tausha said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!! What a cute family you have.

Catherine Anne said...

Love the name of your blog. You also have a beautiful family!

Brandie said...

This is great! I felt the same way on stadol! Happy b-day Lucas!!

Karly said...

Happy belated birthday to your Lucas! I loved hearing his birth story and can't believe he's two already. It seems like yesterday I was checking to see news of his arrival while pregnant with my own Lucas.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...