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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Naughty Table

In the video I recently posted of Kayla talking about her day she mentions having to sit at the 'naughty table' at lunch that day. There wasn't any note in her folder about it so when she mentioned it I was caught off guard.

I went to her parent-teacher teacher conference on Thursday and got the scoop on what happened.

The assistant teacher in her room, Mrs. F., is the one in the lunchroom and she talked to me after the conference.

I've been called at home twice to let me know Kayla tried to drink out of someone's juice box and another time or touched someone's food (and the teacher was worried about possible cross-contamination with gluten). The solution was to move Kayla a little farther away at the table so she wouldn't be in arms reach and tempted to touch their food. I hadn't heard anything since that incident so I thought it was over with.

What happened on the day in question is Mrs F warned Kayla twice when she reached out to touch someone's food. She said the third time Kayla looked around to see if anyone was watching and very slowly reached her arm out; well Mrs. F did see her. She told Kayla she had to go sit at the naughty table now for not listening after the first two times.

She said it also broke her heart cause Kayla was crestfallen, she was sitting at the table (by herself because no one else was in trouble that day), with her head down, slowly eating the rest of her lunch. I can just picture her doing that too...being very sad, but also embarrassed. The whole way out to recess Mrs. F heard Kayla talking to herself saying "Don't touch food" over and over.

Kayla is very aware of the "naughty" table - Mrs. F said she's seen other kids at her table have to go sit there. We also have a "naughty" spot at home, so she's familiar with what it means.

I'm glad that Mrs. F did this and didn't coddle to Kayla, but treated her the same she would have if another child did that, after being warned twice. I think it made quite the impact on Kayla too, so hopefully she won't be trying to touch anyone's food anymore! The next day at lunch Mrs F reiterated to Kayla about the 'naughty table' by asking her what would happen if she touched anyone's food and Kayla replied, "sit at naughty table."

I'm not sure why Kayla is doing that - this has never been an issue before. Mrs. F thinks at first it was curiosity about what someone had that was different than what she had; but now she thinks it's for attention. Last year there were 4 adults in her classroom so there was an adult sitting at the table with Kayla. This year there are only 2 adults and they don't sit at the table, so she thinks Kayla is doing it for adult attention.

Hopefully she learned her lesson and that's the end of that!

Other than that she had a pretty good review for the parent-teacher conference!

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Anonymous said...

I can absolutely visualize Kayla and the incident from your post.

I need to ask if anyone is explaining to Kayla what her little friends' are eating. Perhaps it is curiosity opposed to vying for attention?

Most of the time (but not always) when Gabe is going for something and not listening (just watch today's video LOL!) his curiosity is appeased if things are explained to him.

I am relieved that you were given an explanation about Kayla at the "naughty table" (a concept that I don't know if I agree with wholeheartedly...but I guess there's got to be a time out place somewhere in the classroom).

Windmills and Tulips said...

Hello girlfriend. How are you?

Thanks for sharing your situation with us. It's very insightful how others handle certain situations.

I don't particularly like the term Naughty Table, but I do understand there had to be some type of disciplinary action.

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.

Have a great week my friend. xox

Windmills and Tulips.

Nisa said...

aww... I had been wondering what exactly happened that Kayla had to sit at the naughty table. I could tell in the video that you weren't expecting her to say that. That's sad that she had to sit by herself, but it sounds like something she won't forget. At least she seemed fine when she was telling you about it...

Lacey said...

I'm glad you got to the bottom of the naughty table incident. She'll probably never do it again now.

chelle said...

It is so not fun to learn the hard way :(

Mom24 said...

Poor Kayla! Maybe their lunches just look better. ;-)

It is wonderful that the teachers treat her like one of the other kids...which she is. It only helps her.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we use the "hands to self" phrase plenty! Impulsiveness, curiousity, attention- all possibilities. Kayli also repeats phrases to herself to reinforce them- repetition makes perfect for her! if that's the worst of it- hooray!

Chelsie said...

Aww poor Kayla, I can just picture her being so sad about having to sit by herself. It's good that the teacher is being firm and fair though because hopefully Kayla will learn the difference between "good" attention and "bad" attention. Sorry that Kayla had to be punished.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I agree with you. Not only is it good for Kayla to be treated like the other kids, but it is good for the other kids to see that Kayla is just like they are, too!

Kim said...

That is great that they have the same standards for everyone. I wouldn't want my child treated any differently. It sounds like Kayla learned her lesson. I like the idea of using the word "naughty" opposed to just time-out. Hooray for a good conference!

Becca said...

Awwww, discipline is never easy and I think always makes us feel worse than our kids do. I'm glad it seemed to have an impact on her, and glad they're reinforcing it at school. I hope the lesson sticks! Samantha is very much about testing her boundaries when you tell her not to do something. She'll get it in her head to fight you and try to do it any way she can. I'm sure it'll pass, but she's gotten plenty of time outs for it. Good luck! I'll be interested in hearing how this week goes with Kayla!

Anonymous said...

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Christina said...

Awh sometimes learning these things is tough! Aurora is learning this too in Kindergarten this year. Glad she is doing well otherwise!

As We Sail... said...

poor little girl, but another good learning experience.

Nicki said...

Aw, I could totally picture Kayla sitting at the naughty table and feeling terrible! But at least she probably won't touch other people's food any more!!!

Shelley said...

Oh dear - I to could see Kayla at that table poor love. Hope she's learned her lesson!

Anonymous said...
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