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Thursday, October 22, 2009


This boy of mine is growing up way too fast! He'll be 20 months tomorrow. How can he be that much closer to the age of 2 then 1?

He is so independent and wants to do everything himself. His little heart just breaks if you don't let him do something and then the big crocodile tears come out. All day long you hear, "I do Mommy! I do!"

He's got a bit of OCD in him too...the boy knows everything has a place and don't let something be out of place. He will persist until it's back in it's rightful place. Funny how that doesn't work with his toys all over the floor though. That doesn't phase him. But if he walks in the living room and sees the phone on the coffee table he immediately fixates on it telling you 'phone! phone!' and you have to let him put it back where it belongs. As soon as I get in the van he's telling me "seatbelt!" and doesn't let up until it's on. All the doors have to be shut and he'll close them if they aren't (Kayla used to do this too).

I'm amazed at the things he remembers too.

He talks sooo much. I ask him "where is daddy?" and he'll sign and say "airplane." Ask him "where's Kayla?" and he'll say "school." Seeing his speech just coming along makes me realize how much work and struggle it was for Kayla, and to appreciate where she is now. It seemed like it was so hard to get Kayla to string 2 words together; especially on her own. Lucas says 2-4 word sentences.

And he thinks its funny to play hide-n-seek now; especially when you don't know that he's playing! He's become quite the pro at hiding, and he doesn't even make a sound to give himself away. My mom found him in the laundry room one day and when she opened the door he was just standing there perfectly still and quiet. Another time he went upstairs and a few minutes later I went up to find him. Didn't find him in the first 2 rooms, finally in the 3rd room I found him lying on the floor at the foot of his crib - still as can be.

Then he decided to pull his hiding act outside yesterday. He's never done that before. He and Kayla always play in the front yard/driveway area and have never tried to wander off. They aren't out there alone (there is no fence) my mom or I are always out there with them. Yesterday I was sitting on the porch like usual and they had been in and out of the garage with various toys. Then I noticed I hadn't seen Lucas come out in several minutes and when I checked the garage I didn't see him.

I went around the side of the house, to the back, around the other side, back to the garage...heart starting to race now. I had no idea which direction he might have gone and I worried if I went to far in one direction and he went the other way he would get even farther away. I didn't know where to start looking or how far he might wander, or where he might hide.

Thankfully Ken was home so now there were 2 adults looking for him. He found him at the next house over hiding in the bushes in front of their porch! I had went half way up their hill to see if I could see him and obviously didn't. When I got back to them Lucas told me "Hiding!" Oh this kid of mine!

Here's a short video clip, mostly of Lucas signing, to show how much he's grown and changed already.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

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Carol N. said...

Cutest little video ever!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Such a cute kid and funny things he does!

nichole said...

My heart was racing just reading about him hiding in the neighbors yard! He is getting to be so big and he is such a cutie pie.

Sunny said...

What a cutie! I lost Antalya a few weeks ago - I know that heart racing outside your chest feeling too well!

Beth said...

Babies growing up stinks!!! LOL - he is a cutie cutie!!!!

Calico Sky said...

He sure is growing up! I remember when you were blogging right after he was born! Lucas is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Big boy, speedy too! I hate that escape and hide phase- took ten years off of my life! Give him a hug for me please!

Jen said...

Oh, wow, Lucas is just 3 days younger than my little guy. Happy Birthday to Lucas! Nicholas loves to scare me in similar ways, and really frightening, but I guess he keeps me on my toes!

chelle said...

awww what a cutie!
How can he be that close to TWO!!?!?

Christina said...

How adorable! What a smart little guy! My Alex loves to sign too, thanks for the idea of video taping it!

Terri said...

OMG! I miss my babies being that age! He is so beautiful! You are a blessed woman!

Anonymous said...

awww what an adorable smart little cute and scary how he likes to play hide and seek!
love ya,