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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Buddy Walk and Signing Time

In just a couple weeks we're going to be attending the Buddy Walk from the Down Syndrome Association of Northern VA.

We went to our first Buddy Walk when Kayla was almost 3 months old and we look forward to going every year. Kayla recognizes the Buddy Walk shirts and says "yay Buddy Walk!" It'll be nice when she realizes the whole reason we go to the Buddy Walks are because of her :)

I'm really excited to go to this one because Rachel Coleman from Signing Time is going to be performing. We started using the Signing Time DVDs before Kayla was a year old and it really helped bridge that gap of communication before she started talking. Lucas is learning signs too, so it's something he and Kayla do together - and it helps reinforce the signs for Kayla again.

The Buddy Walk is Oct 17 in Centreville, VA and it looks like it's going to be a really fun time with a "rock climbing wall, bungee bouncer, mini golf, moon bounce inflatables, pony rides, cartoon characters, a petting zoo, face painters, an exhibitor tent, food vendors, police cars, fire trucks and much more."

If you live in the local area we would love it if you could join Kayla's team and walk with us, or if you would like to sponsor Kayla we appreciate that too!

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PEA said...

How I'd love to be able to join you on that walk:-) Kayla has a special place in my heart, always will, and I love to donate to the walk because of her. Every year I look forward to hearing how it goes!! xoxo

Lacey said...

How cool, we're lucky because Rachael is from Utah so we see her often.

Jasmine said...

Michelle, sounds wonderful. We'll be doing our first one this Sunday.

Kayla is so beautiful.

Enjoy your week.

Sasha said...

Your buddy walk event sounds amazing.

Killlashandra said...

I hope it's a great walk! I used to live in the area. ;)

Christina said...

That is wonderful! Wish I was in Northern VA again!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Gabe would LOVE to meet Rachel Coleman in person! (So would my new little one that I babysit! LOL! He's hooked on ST too!)

I love that Kayla recognizes the Buddy Walk logo! Gabe loves his t-shirt and sometimes wears it to bed. LOL!

Stacey said...

It's signing time with Alex and Leah...

Our kids were addicted to those videos!

I wish I could sponsor Kayla and your family, but I literally don't even have $5 of room on my cc (ashamed to admit). Please know I'll be with you in spirit!

Leslie said...

What fun!!! Rachel was at our Buddy walk last year and did a fabulous job! I loved seeing/hearing her live! I know you'll have a great time.


Sue said...

Walks like that are awesome. I love doing the food allergy walk too. Such a sense of belonging and understanding! It's awesome she recognizes the shirts.

Lori said...

I've missed seeing your beautiful girl!

Good luck on your walk, what a wonderful thing!