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Monday, September 07, 2009

Benefits of Blogging

All of the people you meet that you never would have met if not for blogging!

Yep, we had another IRL get together over the weekend this time meeting Michelle and Ruby (and her hubby Brian, son Braden, and the blur that is her teenage daughter Karly!)

That's one of the fun things about blogging; it seems no matter where you go someone you blog with will be somewhere near that area. And you find out what a small world it is!

We took a quick trip to Wisconsin for a family reunion. My grandparents live in Pembine. A very small town. A town that I never would have thought I would meet up with another blogger.

Yet a few months ago Michelle mentioned being in Iron Mountain, MI for an uncle's funeral. Iron Mountain is only about 20 min away from Pembine. So I mentioned to her that my grandparents live in Pembine. She mentioned her father and stepmom live in Pembine!

Another neat coincidence...one of her uncles taught at the high school in Pembine and 2 of my uncles had him for a teacher!

Thanks to Michelle's dad and stepmom (hi!) we were able to hang out at their house for a short visit on Saturday.

The kids thought it was neat to pick apples. Brian giving Ruby and Lucas a lift up to the apples. Ruby is so sweet and such a daddy's girl - she wouldn't let Brian out of her sight!

Lucas chowed down on his apple!

Lucas, Kayla, Ruby, and Braden:

Kayla offering Ruby a bite of her apple:

And Ruby not liking the taste!

Michelle and I with our girls who have that extra chromosome in common!

Thanks for getting together with us Michelle...I'm so glad we were able to meet!

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RK said...

Gosh, I'm jealous again! :o) How fun that you guys got together...it's my two favorite Michelles in one place. Ha!!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad we were able to get together!! I was so thrilled to be able to meet you - and Kayla & Lucas are absolutely adorable! (Too bad Karly wasn't feeling perkier - ahh, the joys of 14!)

You beat me to it! I don't have my pics up yet :)

Chrystal said...

I love seeing both families together!

The Munck Family said...

To neat! I hope if the Florida DS is there next year you go, and we can too. I'd love to meet you and your sweet family!

A Captured Reflection said...

What a great get together and all those coincidences along the way. Bless you heaps Michelle, I love that you love life and make the most of all your opportunities.

Cammie Heflin said...

So fun!

Nicki said...

Here's another small coincedence for ya... Diana's paternal family hails from Iron Mountain, MI. Her brother John lives there still, and we went up there last year to visit him and his daughter. Beautiful little town! i wish we could have ridden in the mining car thing but it was closed for the winter.

Monica Crumley said...

Very cool! We LOVE our IRL blogging buddies, too. It's so much fun to get together. The families look like they had a great time together. Cute pics.

Jann said...

Great pics!!!!! Looks like everyone had a great day!!!!!

Beth said...

Great pics!! Just read about it on Michelle's blog! I love reading about both of your families!

I can't believe how big Lucas looks in these pictures!!!!

Noel said...

That really is one of the big perks to blogging. When we drove through NM and AZ this Summer I thought of you and if we had been just a little sooner on our trip...maybe we would have met! Blogging is great!

Calico Sky said...

How wonderful! Blogging is such a great way to meet like minded people!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

What a beautiful daughter and son you have. Tis is my first visit today. I am new to Mama Buzz too!
You have a lovely ~powerful blog!
Autumn Blessings~

Tricia said...

Awww...great pics! Glad you got achance to hang out with the Zoromskis! :)

Kim said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

that's nice that you got to meet michelle and her family! I love the pic of kayla giving ruby a taste of her apple. Kayla is so sweet!
love ya,

Anonymous said...
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