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Friday, August 21, 2009


When Kayla was 9 months old we went to CT to visit extended family. While there we had an IRL meeting with Melissa and her family...including Garrett who is 8 months older than Kayla.

We met them again last year in Boston.

Melissa and her family were passing through MD and stopped for a visit with us...it was great getting together with them again and seeing how much the kids have grown.

Thursday we met them at Rita's for dessert:

Then Friday morning we met them for breakfast before they headed out of town.

See how nicely everyone sat when it was "Daddy and kids"?

Now look what happened when it was "Mommy and kids"

Finally! Everyone is sitting

Do you think it's too early for Melissa and I to play matchmakers?! :)

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Molly C said...

Pssh no! the first thing I thught was "they make a cute couple!" lol

Junior said...

oh they are just so cute

grandma said...

I'm thinking yep it's a little early to be matchmaking LOL but I am the grandma and I don't want her to grow up so fast :-(

Those pictures are very cute and they really do seem to like each other.

Dina said...

He seems smitten by her. Adorable!

Sunny said...

Too cute!

jerricapuck said...


thanks a bunch.

chelle said...

how wonderful that you guys got to meet up!

hehe on the the dads vs the moms pictures!

Calico Sky said...

Well they do make one cute couple!

Anonymous said...

omg! no - don't listen to grandma ... a little kindergarden crush never hurt anyone. ^_^

<3 Aunt Kelly

Maureen said...

My family and I met Garret last Feb and I have to say, he is a sweetheart! In fact, I love their whole family. I only live 2 towns over and we still only communicate on Facebook. lol! I didn't know that Kayla had a boyfriend :) How does Joe feel about this? I know that Scott hates it when I talk about Penny's "boyfriend" Dillon.

Lilith Silvermane said...

So funny... I was thinking that as well. What a CUTE set of kids!!!


Great pictures....

Shelley said...

definitely not - you have to plan early I think - what a 'cute couple'!lol