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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couple Time

I picked Joe up at the airport on Thursday and we went directly to our hotel. The kids weren't with me; they don't know he's here.

I didn't want us to go home and have them see Joe and then have both of us take off for 2 nights; I just didn't feel that was right for them to see their daddy for a short time only to have the both of us disappear on them!

So we spent 2 nights at the Aloft Hotel at the National Harbor and we're going home today.

It's been nice spending this quiet time together without worrying about the kids.

We've walked around the National Harbor seeing interesting sculptures like The Awakening:

We went to Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar where this was one of the Phrases of the Night:

Yesterday we went to Mt Vernon

We came back to our hotel room where we could sit out on our balcony (first one up)

and listen to a 3 Doors Down concert ... live ... just beyond the trees is the outdoor stadium:

and then we walked down to the sidewalk in front of "police line do not cross" tape and we could actually see them on the stage...nice to get a free concert!

We check out of the hotel today and we're going to walk around Old Town Alexandria for a bit before heading home.

I can't wait to see the kids' expressions when Joe walks through the door!

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MIL/MOM said...

Please have camera on Kayla's face when she sees her Daddy!!

ABandCsMom said...

Oh I cant wait for pictures of the kids seeing their daddy!

How awesome that you and Joe were able to get some time to yourselves. Although, I would bet he's very excited to see the kids!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so happy for you guys! Two days of bliss!

When Daniel gets home from his deployment - January :( - we are hoping to leave the kids, also without telling them Daddy is home, and make the trip back down to New Mexico alone.
That way, when they see Daniel there won't have to be anymore good-byes. They can't make that cross-country trip again but we have to get the truck back to N.M.

We are crossing our fingers and toes that the grandparents will help us out!!

I know you are going to enjoy every moment together! We are all very happy for your family :)


Cammie Heflin said...

How awesome! Glad you got some alone time with your hubby!

Beth said...

How fun!!!! I know the kids will be soo excited to see their daddy- can't wait to see the pictures of it!!

Glad you guys got some alone time as well!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Joe! We hope you all have a great visit! The pictures are awesome and you two lovebirds look so happy!♥

At My Own Pace said...

That sounds like the perfect little getaway after time apart!! Yay! :)


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


Bailey's Leaf said...

Glad that you were able to make time together an immediate priority. I couldn't imagine the separation, the going home, needing time but the kids needing it, too. Good plan to be gone BEFORE presenting Joe to the kids. I'm guessing that two little monkeys will be hanging from Joe for two weeks very soon.

:) !

chelle said...

OH MY!!!! HE IS HOME!!!!!
Oh YAY!@!!!
So happy for you and yours!

Tausha said...

So glad you two had time alone without the kids and I am also jealous, I lived in D.C. for 6 years. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing all the places you went. I am sure the kids will be so excited!!

Tina said...

I hope you frame one of those pictures of the two of you - they're SO cute!

I also hope you capture the looks on the kids' faces when they see their daddy.

I just can't wait to see :)

A Captured Reflection said...

Yay how wonderful, so happy for you guys.

LauraJ said...

oh how good you have it! a wonderful husband and to see or hear a 3 doors down concert. absolutely my dream to have both.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm so glad you and Joe are together again and had some couple time!

I can't wait to hear how excited the kids are to see him!

Ellen said...

You two look great! What a wonderful couple of days, I can only imagine how happy your kids will be to see their dad.

Finding Normal said...

YAY! I'm glad you 2 got time together...you both deserve it!

Jen said...

So glad he is home..enjoy this time. I love couple time....I'm really happy for you and the family.

Chrystal said...

You two look great!

Dueling piano bar? That sounds way fun. I didn't know that was around. Maybe it's new?

I've always loved that sculpture and I was shocked when I heard they had moved it. Much prettier location now, I think.

Sue said...

How great you got to spend that time together. You both look so happy! :)

The Munck Family said...

What an amazing fun trip, I'm so happy you had that time together. You both look so happy and perfect!!!