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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vacation Ideas

Joe has been gone 4 months now...which means in 2 months we'll be able to see him for a short 2 week visit.

I've thought about us just getting away somewhere to have a family vacation, but really? That 2 wks will go by fast and we'll all just be happy to be spending that time together at home. If we do decide to go somewhere it will have to be close by because Joe doesn't want to spend his vacation time traveling too far - not when it takes as long as it does to get back here!

Instead I'm thinking when he's back for good next year we'll all deserve to take a really nice family vacation somewhere.

So - ideas needed please! I'm looking for ideas of places here in the states, as much as we'd love to go to Europe or somewhere overseas, I'm sure Joe won't want to travel overseas again so soon after getting back!

Where has your best vacation been and what did you like about that area?

I've got plenty of time to start researching where we should go, but figure I'd get a start on it now.

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Lilith Silvermane said...

Has it been 4 months already? You have done so well in those 4 months. I am sure just the thought of seeing him again makes you so happy.

I know that when he does come home most of us that read will have tears in our eyes!

My advice: Colorado... cabin in the mountains, horseback riding, city life... it's beautiful here!

Just a thought. There is Estes Park, Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods, etc), Children's Museums, Mountains and lifts up to the top of non-snowy ski lifts...

Keep it in mind :)

AZ Chapman said...

Disney world /diseny land San Fransico have a lot of kids stuff

Mom24 said...

Well, I have two ideas. We absolutely love Disney World. We've been there twice, and it is absolutely amazing. Lots of fun as long as you can look past how expensive everything is and just roll with it.

That being said, if I were looking to just unplug, relax and reconnect, I highly recommend Emerald Isle, NC. We've been there twice--once we camped, once we rented a place for a week. We've also been to Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, but I prefer someplace less congested and "popular". Emerald Isle is nothing fancy, but that's sort of the point. The beach is beautiful. There's a really nice aquarium for a rainy day, and it's perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Have fun whatever you decide.

Chrystal said...

The first place I thought of for you was Deep Creek. It's not too far, very relaxed, and it's been on my "want to go" list for years. Everyone I know that's gone has really enjoyed it. Get some peace, quiet (well, as much as you can with the kiddos), and just enjoy one another. There are activities the kids can enjoy as well.


I'm so happy for you and hope that this last bit of time goes quickly.

Omaha Mama said...

Destin, FL is awesome! The coast there has sand like baby powder and the water is so beautiful!

Stewart Family said...

I was excited to read this post because we are planning on doing the same. We are heading to Florida for a "family" vacation but I am still researching somewhere to vaca with just my hubby.

Yay, for 4 months already. Although, I know it probably seems like eternity. Thinking of you...we are in this journey together!!

Bailey's Leaf said...

We hit Hilton Head for our honeymoon in February. Sounds horrible, but we hit right before spring break and that year it was 75+ all week. We also cruised on down to Savannah.

I hear that Assateague Island is beautiful, but very buggy in the summer.

We tend to be campers and did camp at Ohiopyle in Pennsylvania. They have Frank Lloyd Wright houses, so we stopped in to check those out, too.

Our best vacation was when we toured Michigan. Up the left side of the mitten and on over to the UP. We cruised across (saw a bear) and went to Wisconsin. We stayed at Madeline Island at the Apostle Islands and it was gorgeous!

We've always wanted to hit New Brunswick, though. Since that is Canada, a passport would be required now. Drat.

Ria said...

Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. Swimming with dolphins sounds like fun for the whole family. I'm sorry I can't say what it's like there because I haven't been there yet.

annie said...

Disneyworld in Florida was my favorite! I loved all the parks and really loved Universal Studios. So much to do in Florida!

Cheri said...

Oh it is so fun to read everyone's vacation ideas...some places I had never even heard of!

Well, my first thought was Disneyland and California Adventure...you have the beaches here, lots of museums, and beautiful weather! ... plus, then we would get to meet you and "Miss Big Blueberry Eyes" herself!

Or you could go a little more north up the coast to Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey...very beautiful!


Barb said...

I'm a little biased, but the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado are pretty nice. The Estes Park area is especially family friendly.

But you know, I've heard that Maryland is beautiful too. And sometimes the best places are so close to home we forget they're even there.

(Kayla makes a cute, cute butterfly. :-)

Nancy M. said...

My favorite vacation is always Disney World, but I am a Disney addict, lol! I also love the NC/SC beaches.

Jen said...

Disney has been our all time favorite vacation. But if you dont want to travel do a vacation at home...travel in your area. We have had some of the best times vacationing in our own town...make a list of places to sight see that you dont go too. When he comes home...go tot disney....

Anonymous said...

I know there are all kinds of fancy places with beaches and stuff but I vote for .... Vermont!

Julie said...

I am so excited you get to see each other. The best family vacation we have had was last year. We went to Ocean City NJ. I believe it is a dry town so it is alot quieter, but there is still a huge boardwalk. Have fun whatever you do.

The Girls' Mommy said...

Oooo, I've been racking my brain for you, trying to come up with something really special. But seriously, at the kids age, Disneyworld really is awesome. You can stay at Shades of Green at a discount. We went with a family last year who was in almost your exact situation and they loved it.

Tina said...

Deep Creek is one of my favorite places on earth - my husband's aunt and uncle have a house there and we end up there for the 4th of July.

I'd also suggest Nags Head/Outer Banks, NC - peaceful, quiet, relaxing - kids can play on the beach all day and you and Joe can hang out and relax!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Wait! I take it back, 2 months away is in the heat of summer. Save Disney for when he's back for good. Disney sounds no fun in summer :( I'll keep thinking

AZ Mommy said...

Hmm, I don't know? Where have you not been and always wanted to go?

Speaking of Joe and the military-please please check out my latest post. A soldier needs our help.

chelle said...

We totally love camping, but last year we rented a cabin it was awesome! Sure you still had to do dishes and clean up after yourselves, but it was so blissful just being together.

Anonymous said...

Black Hills mountains in South Dakota. We went last summer at this time (early June) and it was very nice weather, beautiful, just awesome.

Life with Kaishon said...

Disney World? I can't wait till he gets back for you : ). So fun!

Laura said...

We love Colorado! One of the most beautiful places in the US.

We also just discovered the Nags Head/OuterBanks area last month. Loved it! Tons of family stuff to do if you are so inclined - and for not much money. And then there are the beaches. Not too popluated - plenty of room for families to play and have fun without being on top of one another! Perfect! Family Fun magazine just did an article on that area if you'd like to look it up.

Have fun choosing and planning your vacation!