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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Moms Nite Out

National Mom's Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Maria Bailey and the team at BSM Media came up with a fabulous idea to celebrate motherhood - a National Moms Nite Out event that moms can be a part of physically and virtually.

This first annual nationally organized celebration of motherhood happens this Thur, May 7th.

Register to win some great prizes, find out about online events, find out if there is a local event in your area, and check out some mom discounts offered by some companies.

One participating sponsor -Pump It Up - is offering a fun, family-friendly evening for the dad (or caregiver) and children at their stores to celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out. This event is not a drop-off evening, nor an event that mom will attend, but rather a fun night for just dad and the kids so that mom can go out and enjoy her night off. Pizza and drinks will be offered so that mom doesn’t have to worry about feeding her family!

Go. Celebrate Motherhood!

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Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

What a cool idea! My mom's nite out will be spent watching my oldest son play in a volleyball tournament, which will be exciting. I'll have to have a virtual nite out :)

Sue said...

I saw this through Pump It Up. I love that place and so do the kids! Kayla's party will be there in August as well and I'm doing a fund raiser for the food allergy walk there in September. Good times for everyone there. :)